Opinions on GST needed

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  1. Okay, I just got a courtesy coupon from eBay for $1500.00!:yahoo: So here is my plan, I will buy a CHanel bag new w/ tags on eaby and resell it so I can get the cash to go to the boutique and buy what I really want. My question: Is the GST a good buy NWT at $2100.00? Will I be able to resell for that price. Is the price on this tote going up soon? Retail is 2150.00 currently??

    Thanks in advance!
  2. How did you get a courtesy coupon from ebay for $1500.00?
  3. Yeah, GST's are supposedly going up in May to over $3000 so that is a good plan.
  4. They loveme, what can I say? ;)
    Actually, I filed a dispute last week so this is their way to keep me happy I guess.
  5. Will it really go up that much?:wtf:
  6. Another suggestion -- Why don't you keep the GST for yourself? It's a great bag! :tup:
  7. I did think about that but I have the Cabas as my everyday tote.
  8. if you're gonna use it yourself, you must consider the weight...
    it's darn heavy