Opinions on Green Mahdi?

  1. Hi Jimmy Choo gals! ;) I'm venturing over from Chloe just to check out Jimmy Choo. Came across the Green leather and suede Mahdi on Overstock and bought it w/ 10% discount from using Visa. What do you ladies think of this bag? Has anyone bought the Mahdi (any color)? I like it because the plaque is on top of the bag, not in front. TIA!

    Pics I found in this tPF Choo thread:


  2. LOVE IT :drool::drool:
    Gorgeous bag - great deal too.
    Love the color and the style.

    Hey is that you in the pic?
  3. Pretty bag!!!
  4. I saw this bag on Overstock but didn't look at the dimensions. I thought it would be much smaller. It looks great in the photo and the larger size looks better. Congratulations on a great purchase!
  5. No that's not me in the pic! :nogood: How I wish tho!

    I believe that's an actual professional model whose gorgeous legs are in the picture she's holding. The bag in front of her is supposed to be the green Mahdi - I had trouble visualizing this bag since Overstock only had a black one pictured altho I bought it in green. ;)

    Thanks for your input!
  6. Thanks starbuxx! Hmmm... are there two sizes of Mahdi? Dimensions listed on overstock are: 14.5 in. W x 9 in. L x 6.5 in. D Is that the smaller or larger size?
  7. There's only one size that I'm aware of - I didn't look at the measurements on Overstock. I'm terrible at gaging sizes but the measurements you list match the size of the bag in the photo. Post pics when you get her!
  8. I love this bag. Is there enough handle drop to wear this bag over your shoulder?
  9. I love it..its gorgeous!!
  10. Congrats:party:
    It is gorgeous:drool::drool: Be sure to Post photos when you get your baby:yes:
  11. Thanks Blondecat! Oh, I'm not sure if there's enough strap drop - prob not enough to go over a coat. But that's okay, I like handheld bags too :yes:

    HermesJunkie and Robynbenz - thanks and I will def. post modeling pics!!!
  12. Love it. The green is gorgeous.
  13. Thanks Karo - wasn't sure what it looked like IRL! Glad it's going to be a nice green :smile:
  14. Wow! What a great purchase. I love the Mahdi in green. Please post pics when you get it. I'm glad a tpfer got it. Must admit, I am green with envy:roflmfao: BTW, that is Tamara Mellon in the top pic.
  15. Thanks Samantha!