Opinions on gold Gabrielle bag

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  1. What do you guys think about this pre-loved gold Gabrielle (holo 237) on me. Before seeing this, i think black is the best (and the safest color given this will be my first CC bag). But after i've the gold one, i think i would love it more than the black one and the price is pretty good (about 60% of retail price). What i concern most is how the gold Chanel bag wear over time.
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  2. Pics here

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  3. It's look good on you! Go ahead
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  4. I really like it on you.
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  5. It really looks good on you... and it's something different.
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  6. Looks great!
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  7. I'm assuming you're asking for honest opinions. Sorry, not a fan of the gold or the style and if you intend to wear it crossbody as shown, it's much too short.
  8. First, if you love it, get it. But since you asked, I feel it looks too short worn cross body. I'm also not on the gold bandwagon with Chanel right now. For a tiny slg, maybe, but not on a bag. I feel that the Gabrielle looks best in the small. Otherwise it looks like a box to me. Sorry to be so negative.:sad:
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  9. It is different but it looks great.
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  10. I'd assume you'd use it on a daily basis. I prefer a medium size, too, since I carry quite a bit more for day to day.
    I think it looks good on you.
    But will you use gold bag often?
    I have a gold 227 reissue with ruthenium hardware, which gives quite a similar look to this Gabrielle. I don't carry it often. The leather is also aged calf and has no problem at all. Just that I don't carry it often due to gold can be flashy a bit for me. But if you think it's OK for you, I don't see any problem regarding the bag itself.
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  11. I dig it. One of my favorite bags is a rose-gold Alma-style bag from Kate Spade.
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  12. LOVE your glasses!!! May I ask the brand and model?:biggrin:
    AND the bag looks really good on you!
  13. Hi OP. I am also a fan of the Gabrielle bag. I think that the medium size looks really good on you. The V style works amazing, but I do agree with others that the crossbody looks just okay. The gold looks really good with this particular outfit you are wearing. However, I would advise you to get black. I think that black is more versatile and will just ware better overtime for the bag like Gabrielle. I think that you will not regret the black one in the long run, since the Gabrielle works really well with your style, and will ware better over time in terms of leather maintenance.
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  14. Thanks for your input. I also agree on the black one after thinking thoroughly for the whole night.
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  15. Its a YES FROM ME
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