Opinions on getting a white talia

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  1. I really like the talia... but I am hesitant in getting it in white. I don't know how durable or how hard it would be to keep clean. Anyone have experience with white koobas?
  2. I had a horrible experience with my Ivory Lucy, and whenever I bring it up I feel like I'm bringing a big ole' skeleton out of the closet. To sum it up, the leather was very porous and picked up dirt and color transfer like crazy on the first use - so I cleaned her up and sold her.

    However - I had the chance to play with the Talia in white yesterday at my local Nordy's... and I was enamored to say the least. The leather was lightweight, yet not as lightweight as the Roni. It was a nice, smooth leather that did not resemble the leather on my Ivory Lucy either. From what I could tell, the leather on the Talia seemed perfect for a white bag. Smooth, medium in weight, finished so it was less likely to pick up color transfer and dirt, yet sturdy enough to be easily cleaned up if it did.

    Not sure if that helps at all, but I definitely thought the white Talia was TDF!!! It's the perfect size, too. :tup:

  3. Yes, that was very helpful! Thank you! The first time I saw that bag in person also at Nordstrom's, I knew I just had to have her. But, I am not going to pay full price! There are two selling on ebay right now for about 50% off the retail price... so I just need to get those authenticated. Thanks again!
  4. 50% off would be a good deal right now. You'd be able to get them cheaper at the end of season, but who wants to carry a white bag in the fall? Let us know if you need help authenticating... ;)
  5. If you don't mind looking at them the item #'s are:
    Thank you for being so helpful! :girlsigh:
  6. My ivory sienna showed lots of marks by the end of one season..
    I ended up selling it on ebay once I took it out of it's dustbag and it just looked so dirty to me!
  7. Both of those look good to me. Both sellers have sold other designer bags that appear to be good too. I don't think the Talia has been faked yet, but you can never be too careful!

    Hey - you might be able to snag the one that's ending for a little over $300. That would be a great deal for a current season Kooba. ;)
  8. Yes, I"m planning on bidding on it within the last couple of minutes. Thanks!
    Fingers crossed!!
  9. Do you think I could get it for cheaper if I wait??
  10. It's hard to say. You might be able to find it cheaper, but who knows how long you'd have to wait and in what condition the bag would be in.

    If you do a search for completed listings for "Kooba Talia" you'll see that the cheapest Talia in the last two weeks has gone for $399. Even though the bag you're after is white, I still think you're getting a good deal in the lower 300's.
  11. It's at like $400 right now... so never mind. I will have to wait. Thanks!
  12. Ack! That's too bad... hopefully another one will come up soon. Good luck!
  13. Good luck with finding that white Talia!

    Agree with KoobaLover, the leather of the Ivory Lucy and Sienna made it harder to clean...dirt seemed to get ingrained...
  14. I love this bag as well. I have seen the white, pink, grass and black all IRL and the leather is beautiful. I love white bags and this is snow white (not a hint of ivory) which I adore. Ironically, I was torn between buying this and a violet Lola. I went with the Lola and ended up returning her. My concern at the time was the same as yours - keeping it clean. Since I would have been buying it at full price at the time, I just couldn't do it. Good luck in your search! :smile: