Opinions on getting a white spy

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm considering buying a cream Spy and was just wondering if the light colored leather gets scruffy easily?
  2. I don't know about "scruffy", but there's always the color transfer issue of dark denimn on light colored bags.
  3. I think you get that problem with any white bag. Just make sure you spray it regularly with water and dirt resistant spray (available at shoe or clothing stores)... and be carefull with new dark colored clothing. I think then you'll be fine. I don't have a lot problems with my white bags this way :smile:
  4. I would think a white spy would be harder to keep clean vs. a smoother leather handbag? The spy leather is bubbly and has more nooks and crannies or does that sound silly?
  5. I know what you mean Lorebunde.

    I guess if I'll be careful and spray it regularly it should be ok. I've wanted a white bag for awhile and they don't sell spys here so I should get one online and deal with all the hassle. 900€ is a good deal I'd say. Also I think it's gorgeous in white :smile:
  6. I think a white spy would be pretty.
  7. Thank you for your comments. I have my mind made up now, I can't wait to get my hands on that baby ;)
  8. I have a white baby one and while it is difficult to keep clean [buy some saddle soap---it works wonders!] I get so many compliments on it, it makes it worth the extra cleaning efforts! Don't wear dark jeans with it, otherwise you'll have blue streaks everywhere [they can be cleaned off, but it's a hassle]
  9. I have a white baby spy too, and although it's easy to keep clean if you don't rub it against dark clothing, I kept it out in the sun too much in the warmer seasons and it's turning ivory-ish (not as white anymore)
  10. The only way Iwould get a white Spy is if it had black handles.
  11. I think it would be beautiful, and as long as you're prepared to take care of it properly, you should be OK.
  12. Thank you all for tips :flowers:

    The handles are pretty blue so I don't really worry about getting them dirty in a second.
  13. That's a really pretty white spy :cutesy:
  14. Hi there fellow finn ;) I tried to buy this bag from NAP, but it was sold out.
    It will be a beautifull summerbag if you get it!
  15. Oh yay, someone else from Finland :flowers:

    Here's my new baby, just got her today:


    I have it propped up next to me so I can look at it while I type :girlsigh: