Opinions on French Purse please ...


Which one should I get?

  1. Damier Azur

  2. Damier Ebony

  3. Monogram

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello everyone! Since the price just dropped, I decided to get a French Purse wallet. The problem is I cannot decide which one to get, Monogram, Damier Ebony, or Damier Azur. Currently I have a Damier Azur pochette wallet and a Mandarin Epi Compact Wallet. My everyday work bag is my Damier Ebony Speedy. So, please give your opinions. Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I voted for Monogram coz that's my fave. You don't have anything in mono so why not have something different, or go for Damier to match your Speedy.
  3. I'd say monogram as well. Classy and timeless :smile:
  4. Damier ebony to match your speedy!! :yes:
  5. Thanks for your suggestion.
    I have a monogram Papillon but I rarely use it since it is not as practical as my Speedy.
  6. yup, me too!:yes:
  7. is the damier ebony french purse also 525 now?? it's not on the elux site so i'd have no idea...and is the one you're looking at 4 or 8 cc slots...?
  8. I have a damier piece, but I think I'm a true mono girl at heart...I just love the classic, timeless look...so my vote goes to mono!!!

    Good luck!!
  9. I think the monogram would match beautifuly with the mandarin and azur!!

  10. If the Monogram one and the Azur one went down to $525, I assumed the Damier one would be the same price. I am planning to get the one with 8 cc slots.
  11. I love the french purse in mono. It is now on my "to get" list.
  12. Ebony beause it goes great with everything. Azur is too light in color. Aren't price decreases great!
  13. Still cant decide.... :hysteric:
  14. i say pick up the azur french its caught my eye :smile:
  15. ohhh how about the french purse in vernis pomme ohhh sooo nice