Opinions on FP Deletes Now @ Outlets

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  1. I visited the outlets in my area today and they have a ton of deletes from the Semi Annual.

    Now...trying to decide what I like best. I purchased the cornflower Nomad...but I keep thinking about Swaggers! I liked the saddle 27 with the rainbow stitching....

    Thoughts on these two? I have a black Nomad and love it. And...I love brown!

  2. Do you carry a lot of stuff? I have both styles and 27 holds quite a bit less (but certainly enough for my essentials). Are you a shoulder bag person or satchel person? I am a shoulder bag person (although I own satchels) and I find the nomad to be easier to carry. It's nice that the 27 has a shoulder strap for the times I need to be hands free but I don't like carrying it that way exclusively. I know you love brown bags and the rainbow stitching is so pretty. I also like cornflower a lot. GL deciding.
  3. Thanks so much for your very thoughtful reply! I think I like both shoulder and satchel and that may be the problem

    I think fit my things in the 27....and the stitching is near and subtle. My 6 year old daughter really liked it. I may have to stop back and try things on it. I went specifically for the Nomad today...then keep thinking about the Swagger.
  4. Sounds like a good plan to try it with your things : ).
  5. Do you have a Swagger already? Since you have a Nomad you may want to get a Swagger. Good idea to put your things in it first though, since the 27 is smaller. Both the Nomad and Swagger are lovely. If you want another Nomad and it suits you better, go for it! You can't go wrong with either one. :smile: