opinions on flat case / card holder


Mar 10, 2008
Dear all,

maybe you can help with this question??

i bought a flat case in 08 - tag says F/W08 in black. but when i went back to the boutique in 09 for more flat cases in other colours, i was told they were out of stock of them (not a single colour at all!)

recently, i went to a mj store and i saw an item that looked like my flat case but the tag said palais royal flat case (dont recall mine saying palais royal)...i compared it to mine and it was smaller than mine as well...

does anyone know whether its a different item? whats the actual name? or the size of the item?

also wondering whether anyone has opinions on the card holder...am looking for somethng to store name cards and hoping to let it double as a holder for some credit cards, dollar notes when i need a really small wallet...

thanks for sharing your thoughts...
Apr 8, 2008
Any pictures? The flat case you have is probably a Palais Royal. The newer Palais Royal cases are smaller than the older seasons.

The only item that comes to mind for the card holder is a key pouch to stash essential CCs and money.


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Sep 13, 2006
I actually saw some plain leather cc holders at the MbyMJ store a while back. They had them in grey and black, and they're just plain soft leather - each side has either 3 or 4 cc slots. I can't remember the price - maybe around $60?

There are Collection cc holders, but they're kinda hard to find - I think there's one on ebay right now (or it just ended). It looks like a wallet, but it's really more of a cc holder (there's no slip pocket for currency and a really small pocket for loose change). There's another item called the "train case" that's really more of a cc holder - if you check up in the Reference section from past seasons, you might find a few cc holders. If you see a style #, you could call a MJ store and see if by any chance they still have them