Opinions on Fendi B Bag

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  1. Hi

    I would love to know your opinions, do you like this bag , what colours does it come in, what sizes, and how much was retail ??

    TIA :yes:
  2. K - the photo is of a spy bag, did you have one of the B bag you are referring to? :confused1:
  3. Hi ... Yeah thats my new profile pic , as thats my new bag.. LOL

    I was just curious in general .. as I think the B Bag will be my next one. I don't really know anything about fendi .. I am slowly learning
  4. Hi Kimmy

    I love my b bag, its very grown up, yet you can get some fab patent ones that feel much more modern and funky. I always feel very ladylike when I am carrying mine (I have the tan with black patent buckles), and the strap is the perfect length.
    Criticisms, I dont have many, except perhaps, that there are no seperate compartments inside, just the one large space, but the smell and the leather more than compensates.

    The black and tan is still available now, and is the classic colour, but there are lots of variations available, including embellished buckled versions.

    I see you are in London, so maybe pop into Harrods, HNs or Selfridges to see if there is one that really catches your eye
  5. BL - I was thinking the same thing!!! LOL!

    I have a white/blue B-bag and it's absolutely fun. I even bought blue patent shoes to match. The only different thing I would have done was buy an year-round color vice just a summer color. Hope this helps!! :heart:

  6. here is a piccie of me carrying my b bag, to give you an idea of the size, and a picture next to the spy so you can compare!!! :smile:


  7. oh wow the tan is amazing -- what size is that b bag .. is it the medium ... oh I want it
  8. Thanks Kimmy, I would always recommend spending the bit extra and opting for the leather version of the B bag, as the leather really is second to none. The black and tan I have is actually in Harrods at the moment, as I saw it last weekend, so its well worth a look. Also, bear in mind our sales will start soon, so you could get a great deal on one if you are lucky
  9. So your one is leather .. they come in leather and canvas .. correct

    Sorry I am learning LOL
  10. oh and yes, sorry forgot to add, yes its the medium size :smile:
  11. yes, canvas fabric was popular last season as was Patent Leather.
  12. can I ask what the retail was
  13. Kimmy, now I see what you are talking about...Duh! I have a few B bags, my favorites are the medium size ones. Like the Nappa leather, esp black nappa/vernis. I also have a black canvas one & its very pretty. It's a very thick & stiff canvas - holds its shape. :yes: