Opinions on Fendi B Bag...still in style?

  1. When the B Bag first premiered about 2+ years ago, I immediately fell in love with it. I purchased the B bag in the caramel/black patent combo but it has just been sitting in my closet for the past 2+ years. And when I recently took it out to wear it, it looked dated to me. Do you ladies think that the B bag has basically lost it's luster and is no longer in style? I rarely see ladies carrying it in NYC nowadays.
    Recently I have been thinking that if I haven't worn it for so long, maybe it is time to part ways with it. But eBay looks like a dismal option since I couldn't find one authentic b bag that was on sale, so I don't even know how I would price it if I did decide to sell.

    Since you ladies are the Fendi experts, what are your thoughts on the b bag, does it have staying power. Is it a bag that is considered a classic, should I hold on to it because in a few years it will look good again.
    I always had regrets after parting with my spy bags so I wouldn't want to experience that again. Thanks for your feedback.
    I am attaching a photo of the bag that I am talking about, sorry for the family shot, I was too lazy to take a photo today.
  2. K - Some bags I could never part with, even though I don't wear them much, you would have to make a call there...:wtf:

    I think the B Bag is a great handbag, but it is not going to have the staying power of the spy bag.

    The tan & patent combination is very popular & if you were selling it on eBay in new condition it should sell in the $800 - $1250 price range IMO.

    BTW, excuse my ignorance, but what is that pink multicolor bag in the center of your collection? Soooo pretty! :tup:
  3. Thanks baglady for your comment! Very useful insight.

    The pink bag is a Bracher Emden breast bag. Each bag is handmade and they are generally made with python/croc and lots of swarovski crystals. Sometimes I think that it borders on tacky.
    That's another bag that I have only worn one time since I purchased it but I just can't seem to part with it.
  4. Kamilla, I love my B Bags and would never part with them!

    I have the same bag you have, and I love it, but I can understand what you mean by looking dated. I haven't brought that particular BBag out of the closet for a while, but for other reasons.

    Part of my usual bag rotation includes the oak B Bag in medium, here:

    It's a very subdued color, with no contrast leathers like the large b bag you have. It doesn't scream, "I am/was an IT bag!" and to me, it's very wearable for that very reason. I wore this bag out last night to a performance at Carnegie Hall and got compliments from two ladies also attendance.

    If you really like the bbag, perhaps swap it out for a less loud (therefore, less dated) one? Black on black or oak on oak in medium?
  5. Oh, and it's true about never seeing the BBag! I've only seen it ONCE ever on another lady -- the medium black bbag. It was very understated and very nice! I just wanted to get her attention and be like, "My BBag says hi to your BBag!" I stopped myself when I realized it would have come off very creepy! :sweatdrop: The rarity is probably because the BBag was met with a bit of resistance when it first launched. But I like that not too many ppl have the BBag. I'd hate for it to be ubiquitous like all the fake spies and LVs that crawl Manhattan.
  6. Hm, it was the BBag that drew me to Fendi in the first place. I first saw one in Maui last year and was in love - needless to say my first Fendi/BBag is on its way to me right now - a black/tan color combo. I personally like it because it can be made dressy, but I think would look good with a pair of jeans.

    As for "it" bag status... I tend to like what I like, I guess that doesn't make me fashionable though ;)

    I think Fate's bbag is GORGEOUS! I'm drooling here at work. Perhaps you can sell/trade yours for a different color bbag that would work better for you? Best of luck, I'm sorry if I'm rambling!
  7. The B-bag is FABULOUS imo! im actually hoping to get one when i go on holiday! I paticularly like the Silver and black one!

    As for being and "it" bag, it isnt so much but I just buy what I like regardless of whether it's and "it" bag. lol :biggrin:
  8. LOLLLL!! and i realize i deleted the rest of your quote but i feel the same as for bba:tup:gs. i still havent gotten the one(s) i like and now that its been so long i realize i dont care, i still want them.
  9. I love the B-Bag also. That's one that I'm considering for my next purchase after my purse ban is over. I love the blue patent one, but since I just got the blueberry spy, I might go for a different colour.
  10. I like the BBag, I'm getting a black one.
  11. I purchased my one and only B-bag (black leather, burnished brass accents, medium size) just a few months ago, and I think it is a BEAUTIFUL bag! It is too small in capacity for everyday, but I have carried it on a few special occasions, and it looked tres chic and very classy. Take yours out and test drive it again -- see if it still makes you feel proud!
  12. Kamilla - did you decide to sell your bag in the end? If so how much did you get for it?

    I too have a large black patent/tan B Bag and have realised I've fallen out of love with it but not sure if eBay will be a waste of time/fees.
  13. AP -- If your B Bag is in good condition, you should list iton Ebay. They still seem to be quite popular, but like all things new, once they leave the dealership there is some depreciation to write off. :crybaby:
  14. OMG I love the bbag!! IT or no longer IT...just simply gorgeous and if I had one I'd still love her, LOL.
  15. A beautiful bag like this will never go out of style.