Opinions on Faux Fur for F2011!

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  1. i suppose if one must feel the need for shaggy accessories faux is infinitely better than real, but i am not liking this very much.
  2. i would go for it... too bad i am a guy
  3. I'm with hubby - bleah!!!
  4. Sorry, I would pass too.. Not very versatile either..
  5. I don't like them.
  6. my cats would probably love them :roflmfao:
  7. Not really my style :nogood: but I saw some of them IRL, the pink ones were cute :biggrin:
  8. I kinda like the black one (but I love a headturning bag - fringe, fairy, trembled blossoms, camo) so I guess I am biased!!
  9. looks like a poodle dog or something like that, but it's kinda cute, it's different, and better then real fur, poor animals :sad:
  10. Bags with fur.. meh. Unless it matches the outfit, I don't think it looks good. Reminds me of old, nasty women who don't mind killing a dog for the fur.
  11. Looks cheap.