Opinions on Fall Bag: Spring Street

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  1. I was at the mall today oogling bags and fell in looooove with the Spring Street in Purple. Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention to the fall bags in here because the resort bags look so scrumptious but I totally missed this bag. I saw the Quilted Holdall which could almost be part luggage and also the Blake with the So Cool leather I wasn't digging. I haven't been loving the fall bags but the Spring Street trips my trigger. Do you think I should wait for the resort bags or "spring" for the Spring Street (hehe I know, I am lame)?

  2. I tried this on in gray and thought the leather and the quilting were TDF!! The purple's gorgeous, too. It was a bit bulky for my taste, but that's just me. The gold hardware against that purple is so regal looking! Did you have a specific bag from the resort line that you were planning for?
  3. I love it and the murray street!! the purple is great too..in real life it is so beautiful and soft!!
  4. pursemonkey - it was a little bulky but I almost feel it's bulky in the kind of way an LV Speedy is? I know they aren't so much comparable bags, but that's how it felt to me?

    And the leather was absolutely TDF. I just sat there and pet it while the lady was becoming impatient with me! LOL.

    Oh and for resort bag? Two words: Quilted Hobo ::faint:: The bagillion little pushlocks are amazing!
  5. ITA about the leather! I'm still finding myself thinking about it and it's been over a week since I petted it:P I think between the uber-soft leather and the purple leather/gold hardware combo, there's no way you'd regret getting this one! If you do you HAVE to post pics!!
  6. Love that bag!
  7. I like it, it's a new look, but still looks like MJ. I haven't see it IRL yet. Post pics if you get it.
  8. ow, love the color and the style!
    SPRING for the spring street lol :lol:
  9. It looks totally functional. I would need to try it on though prior to purchasing - it seems it could be a bit bulky under the arm, like pursemonkey mentioned.
  10. it is a bit bulky under the arm as a monty pm would be (lv reference for rachieface)
  11. I tried it at Nordstrom. It is very light and the purple color is TDF!! Very classy!! :woohoo:
  12. ooh, that's a gorgeous shade of purple! Seems more versatile than a lot of the dark purple shades coming out this fall. My one concern would be the little cube bits where the handles meet the bag -- do you think the corners on that would rub/scratch/damage the leather?
  13. I like SPring St because it fits on the shoulder, but like pursemonkey mentioned, it IS a bit bulky. The straps seem a little too long to wear as an arm bag.
  14. Great color. I think that with the stuffing probably makes the bag look bulkier than it actually is. Once you put your own belongings in it, I bet it would lay flatter. Keep us updated!
  15. i really like the spring st. bags. my coworker loves it, and she's hard to please. it is a bit bulky especially with the amount of stuffing they put in it, but once you remove the 8 lbs of tissue paper, it actually fits comfortably under the arm. the leather is super soft, the colors are fun and vibrant, and it has an overall classic look with all the mj touches (shoutout to the little pushlock!). as for resort, that line most likely won't be out until the end of the year, so you'd still have time to save up for one of those bags, right?