Opinions on Epi Speedy in Mandarin!

  1. Ok - changing my mind again. What does everyone thing of the speedy 25 in Mandarin. I have a chance to purchase one like new for about $530? Good deal?? Nice bag?
  2. I have the epi speedy 25 in black. It's a cute bag, and if you're not one of the ladies who favors the "saggy" look, the epi seems to sag a lot less than the mono.
  3. Great bag! Great color! Great price! I say GET IT!
  4. After seeing Pam and Angie's pic's the bag looks great. I would have never thought about that color in the speedy(an accessory maybe) now I think it would be great for summer and very durable.

  5. Go for it; that is a great price.
  6. Nice Bag & Good Deal!!!
  7. Go for it :nuts: Such a fun color for a beautiful, classy bag. It's going to be my LV, as well.
  8. One of the most beautiful LV bags in existence. If you have the chance to get one, do it! :nuts:
  9. Loriw, I'm still on the fence with this bag. I've been going back and forth between this and the Epi Jasmin. I tried on both a couple of times already, and did find the epi speedy's handles a bit .... hmmm...hard/uncomfortable. Do you have a LV boutique near you? It's nice to try it on to see if you like it first :smile: But yeah, I understand, it's a really good deal and it's a very nice bag!!
  10. That is a great price! The Mandarin is nice color!
  11. I love the Mandarin Speedy!
  12. Wonderful! I'd snap it up if I were you! That's a great price for a beautiful bag.
  13. thanks everyone - I attached this pic in another thread and just want to make sure that the wrinkling looks ok to you experts!
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