Opinions on epi Saint Tropez

  1. Seems like this bag is not very popular here. :P In fact I only see around 2 pix of this bag around PF.


    What do you think about this style? Is it practical? Can it fit a lot inside? How durable is it? Is it easy to take care? Also, will it be a pain to carry since the strap is so thin? Is it easy to match?

    Thanks in advance for the info! :flowers:
  2. It doesn't look like it would fit very much but I have never seen it in real life.
  3. I like it...but I am not a fan of red bags.
  4. ^^ They do have other colors. Red is the only color I found on elux... Lol... :P
  5. I don´t like it. It looks like you could only carry papers in it.
  6. I like it.
  7. I'm afraid of this too. :sweatdrop: The space on top seems to be useless since it's so thin. But it looks so chic! :P
  8. Not a fan of this bag...doesn't seem to be very functional...