Opinions on epi pochettes? Which one?

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Which epi pochette?

  1. noir

  2. cassis

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010
    Do we like epi pochettes here? I don't see many threads about it being well-liked. I used to own them in mono and damier, but due to the lack of structure, I sold them. I really did not like how they slouched when I wore them on my shoulder. Now I want them again, so I think this time I'm gonna go for epi. My choices are noir or cassis. Which one would you pick? I really want something versatile since this will be my first epi.

    Also, I would like to know how do they hold over time? I've heard stories about the handle splitting within several months only. Are they good with water, as in getting caught in the rain? Any staining/color-transfer issues? TIA! I appreciate your responses :biggrin:
  2. I'm about to get one myself so I say go for it. I'd go with Cassis since you get that pop of colour inside, and the black will likely be around for a while but the Cassis may go.
  3. I have the epi pochette in noir and I just used it last night as an evening clutch for this wedding I attended. If you intend to use this as a clutch as well, I think Noir would be an easier colour to match :smile:
  4. I like them a lot actually. They're very simple and elegant!
  5. Noir. Goes with everything!
  6. As a clutch, I would say noir. If you were going to put it in another bag, I would say cassis.
  7. If you wear lots of black for dinner then go for Cassis, really unique. Else, go for Noir. Epi in my opinion is the best. I had my Epi piece, Madeleine PM for 3 years now and didn't see any sign of peeling. They are good with water (of course just sprinkles of water and not submerge the bag into water), very easy to maintain and I never had any problem with colour transfer. It's just like Damier but comes in so many colours. I am eyeing one too but everytime I think of it, it's quite pricey for a small piece, I ended up getting a bag.....more wear per cost. I'll just settle for a Coach wristlet!
  8. I have one in red and I like it. I have not had any problems so far. Of the 2 choices you posted, Noir is easier to match.
  9. I have a black one and like everyone said it goes great with everything! I have had mine for almost 5 years and the strap has not split. But then again, I have mainly used it as a clutch and don't usually put it over my shoulder.

    I think if you don't stuff more than it can hold and carry it all the time it should be ok, and if it isn't i'm sure the LV store can replace your strap.

    With that said though, totally worth it!
  10. Between cassis & noir, I would go with cassis - it's very nice! I had a cassis pochette for a little while, but I don't use super small bags unless they are inside of my bags... and I just never really used the epi pochette for some reason. I always grabbed a Bal makeup or LV cosmetic bag, so I sold it. I think I remember it seeming slightly smaller than a regular mono/damier pochette. I never had any wear issues with it during the time that I had it, epi seems pretty hardy.
  11. I think you'd love the EPi. As another said, color selection might depend on what you were - if mostly black clothing, go with Cassis. Otherwise, the Noir is a great choice.

    Good luck with your decision.
  12. Love the noir...have recently purchased one and have already used it three times!
  13. Noir
  14. I would get cassis myself.
    Noir looks good with bigger bags, but for pochettes. Cassis wins (:
  15. Noir....I get lots of use out of mine as both a makeup case and a clutch (with the strap extender)....