Opinions on Epi-Leather and Mandarin color?

What does everyone think about epi-leather and the color "mandarin" (is it too flashy bright, gets dirty extremely easy?).

Does the epi-leather show sratches very easily? And which is more durable, the canvas or epi-leather? Thanks!
the Epi leather is very durable, and it doesn't show scratches that easily. i think in the long run the canvas is more durable, because you see the leather handles and piping on the canvas bags all getting scuffed and worn, but the canvas is still going strong

i don't like the Mandarin because it's way too flashy, even more so than the red
I think it's a FABULOUS color!!! One of the best epi colors, IMO!!! But I like my bags to be "in your face"!:nuts: Epi is very durable and virtually maintenance-free! Go for it!!!:wlae:
I love the Mandarin! It's the one and only epi color I like besides the vanilla. I have the Jasmin and it's my FAVORITE.
But yes, the Epi is VERY durable.
I have the mandarin in an agenda and love it. Saw a mandarin mandara pm here in the shop yesterday and it is stunning. Will try to get a mandarin petit noe for summer but am afraid it is already sold out. It is bright but not too flashy imo. Exactly the right colour to go with classic summer outfits!
Mandarin is beautiful! I think it is my favorite epi color. I don't think it's too flashy at all, it would go so well with denim and a white shirt. I'm on the lookout for a bag that I like, but they're getting very hard to find. You could buy an agenda or something else small to see if you like the durability of epi. It is very durable.
The epi leather is extremely durable and resists scratches. I have a Speedy and Jasmin and they look as good as the day I got them. Mandarin is a great color! It goes with a lot more outfits than you'd think. I always get compliments on my mandarine Jasmin.
Mandarin is my favorite color. It is very durable and does not get dirty. I have a large collection of mandarin bags and accessories. In fact, I stumbled onto LV because I was searching for an orange handbag, and as they say, the rest is history.