Opinions on Eileen Fisher clothes and style & do you like her new hobo bag?

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  1. you know, i really like eileen fisher.. it's simple, drapey, and comfortable. it kind of reminds me of calvin klein but not edgy. i don't know if that makes sense. i like the bag; i might love it! it just depends on what it looks like IRL and how it drapes on the shoulder. also i don't like heavy bags so it's nice that this doesn't have any hardware. i wonder what the lining is like. and is there a zip closure?
  2. I think the clothes are good quality. The fit is usually on the looser/drapey side and I like things form fitting.

    I think the bag is cute.
  3. This bag reminds me of the Cole Haan triangle tote (for obvious reasons). I really like that bag, but I think I might like this one more.
  4. I like her stuff. I find a lot of it is too big for me. I can sometimes wear the misses and sometimes I need petite. But the selection in petite is not big. I think that the clothes look better on tall people but I still really like the look of them. I, on the other hand, hate form fitting stuff. But I also have to be careful about looking frumpy, especially being on the short side (I am shy of 5'3"). I wasn't buying it for a long time, because there isn't a lot of variation in the style. But lately, she has been making more trendy stuff, IMO. Or maybe the layered look that she designs is more in style now than 8 years ago when I first got hooked on her stuff. I just recently bought two outfits.

    I would have to see the bag in person. It might be too big for me. Not sure about the color. Might be too orangey.
  5. I know this thread is somewhat old, but I just received the Everthing Bag in Canyon (cognac brown) from Neiman Marcus and I LOVE it! My only complaint is that the top has not closure, so I might see about getting a magnetic snap to put in it. The leather is soft and smooshy and I believe will break in to become even more rich and lovely. I've been feeling blinged out lately and the simplicity of this bag is exactly what I was craving.

    Here's a link to the bag, and I will try to post pics later...


    It costs less on the Neimans site at $262, but is currently sold out.
  6. Bumping this thread. I love the colors of EF's most recent collection. Anyone else?