Opinions on Dior Vintage Frame bag

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  1. Does anyone like this bag?

  2. I like the structure and the red leather a lot... I'm not totally into logo right now, but if you love it then it would look great on you!!

    Welcome!!! Glad to see you joined :P
  3. I don't like the bag - It has an "old lady" look about it.
  4. I'm a huge dior whore and I don't like that one :sad:
  5. This bag looks too conservative. :suspiciou
  6. I don’t like the colour combination, otherwise I like the form and design:biggrin: . So if you like the colours…

  7. I agree. The colour made the whole made look so old....
  8. It's cute. I like the shape of the bag and color of the leather.
  9. I love frame bags, but I am not too crazy about this particular bag. Sorry.
  10. to me the color throws everything off, and the design seems so redundant with any other style that ive seen with any other brands. ahhh i dont know why but i haven't found the perfect bag at alll...and everything seems to look the same... =T
  11. I'm not feelin' that bag, I guess its the logos, then the red&blue. Too patriotic, BUT if you absolutely love it and you lose sleep thinkin' of it...wait a week, if you still feel the same about it then by all means, BUY IT!!!:P
  12. btw, if you like the blue logo fabric you should wait until the S/S 06 stuff comes out (should be soon). I just went to the trunk show and they had a LOT of it. The shipments should be arriving by December or so :biggrin:
  13. Thanks for the tip! I'm really not into logos but got suck in by the vintage look and 50 anniversary advertisment for this one. I'll always like the saddles though :smile:
  14. ^^^oooo saddles are hot! Those at my favorite. If you haven't already you should go down and check out the look book for the s/s 06 saddles. They have some cool colors that are coming in and that may have already came in depending on what boutique. The Ala Moana one just got in this awesome pink one, which I am going to go check out in a bit. But I am also on the waitlist for this white leather saddle w/embroidery thats supposed to be coming in very soon. I don't know if I need two saddles in the same month :lol: The pink one is available NOW, but the white I may have to wait a week for, this SUCKS! I also have my paddington coming in the next 2 weeks. I onlt need one saddle damn it, hopefully I decide on that today :biggrin:
  15. LOL I got one for my sister. She wanted it...I hated it. But got it for her anyways.

    As a update...She hardly uses it...