Opinions on Diamond Band

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  1. I recently reset my engagement ring, and Im trying to figure out which band (s) look the best with it. My original wedding band is the channel set eternity, and Im not sure that is the best look for the erring when worn together. I do like a gap, and I have a few different bands that Im trying to narrow down. I go back and forth with different looks, day versus evening, so I will keep them and switch the around, as long as they don't look ridiculous..pls give me opinions on

    A. my orig wedding band with it
    B. thin shared prong with a very thin diamond spacer
    C. large 5 stone band...I know its big, but I already had this
    E. none of the above and something different...I have been looking at eternity's that are the same size as the diamonds on the shank...

    thx, sorry if they came out too large

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  2. I LOVE B, but I'm an admitted junkie for delicate bands :shame:
    I like C second, or for dressier occasions.
  3. B all the way. Looks lovely.
  4. I am looking for a spacer like that. Is it a stock piece?
  5. Thanks Swanky...I have come to LOVE thin bands...but I keep having to separate them myself because I dont like it when they mesh with my ring.............I just wasnt sure that the large 5 stone was really ridiculously too big with my ring....I think it looks better when I dont wear anything on my wrist...
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    Last edited: Feb 15, 2014
    its actually a thin diamomd band from Bony Levy at nordstrom. Im not one to buy jewelry from department stores, but these were very white, and sparkly. I think they are a pretty good color too..
  7. B. - most definitely for everyday.

    ..for dressier occasions, i'd do C. the larger 5-stone (just to switch it up every now and again ofc)

    and the money you'd get for an eternity with the same kinds of band stones - buy a new bag to accessorize yer 2 new ring looks =D

    your engagement ring setting is stunning, btw ^^
  8. thanks so much.......you know, I was thinking the same thing...I could buy a Chanel (or two) for the money it would cost for an eternity....:smile:
  9. Wow, just wow on all of them! You obviously can't go too wrong, but choice B is my favourite as I think a large diamond in the e-ring should be the standout with the wedding band(s) to support it rather than fighting for attention alongside it. But this is my opinion and if one feels more comfortable than the other - or just pulls at your heart more - than go for that one no matter what the good arguments are for the other!
  10. Hey, best of both (or three) worlds, grrl ;) :heart:
  11. I like B but with a plain spacer vs a diamond spacer. I think that diamond one will get eaten alive and there will be damage to all three when the diamonds on all three rub.
  12. thankyou Ame, I was thinking about that too..its actually a half eternity, but Im going to look for a plain one...
  13. There are vendors on Etsy, Jeweler on the Roof is one, that make really good ones
  14. thankyou!
  15. I really like B..

    Can't go wrong with any of those options, all are beautiful.