Opinions on denim speedy?

  1. I am this ____ close to buying one *LOL*, but i want to know more about it... how does it hold up, is it really saggy? Those of you that own it, how has the bottom held up from being set down?
  2. I love LV denim! I have the patchwork speedy in blue and it is holding up just fine. I USE my bags.....I don't baby them much. I have a purseket in mine to give it more shape. I also have the neo cabby MM in black. LOVE it as well! I had the denim neo speedy in blue, but sold it to get the patchwork. The neo speedy was too small for me.
  3. I love the denim neo speedy, especially in fuchsia! It looks great in regular denim too.
  4. I love the Denim speedy... For My Mini Lin Speedy's I take an empty DVD case and open it up and put it on the bottom NO SAG!!!!
  5. I have the fuschia one. It is WAY cute! I absolutely love mine! I don't use it a lot, only because I switch out my bags on a VERY regular basis. I think they will hold up just fine!
  6. I have denim neo speedy in blue and LOVE it. I use it a lot in spring and summer time. It sags but looks good at the same time. If I am carrying heavy stuff, then I place a piece of cardboard at the bottom to prevent the sag. It goes with all my casual oufits!
  7. I have the Fuschia and it is a great bag. So cute, holds a lot. I don't use mine as much because I have a baby and a toddler and I can't use handhelds very well. It is a great bag though!!!
  8. I love anything in denim!!! I saw one last week and it looked gorgeous, especially with patina.
  9. they are very cute, the hend held only would bother me!! they do sag a little and the front pockets have to stay full all the time or they slouch and change shape, and it is small. but its a cute bag
  10. they grab your body when held on your shoulder- it's so perfect and cute. they hold a lot and they sag a lot too- but i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the sag
  11. i've had the blue one for about 2 years now, and it's still holding up very well. the denim fabric is remarkably durable, and if you put a magazine at the bottom it won't sag as much