Opinions on DDF

  1. Currently I just finished Mario Badescu glycolic face wash, which was pretty good, but I like to mix it up...I also have the Shiseido pureness face wash, which I've feel like I've had forever because it lasts so long

    and I have the philosophy purity made simple, but don't like it that much

    I've heard a bit about DDF, but I'm not sure what to try....I have a gift card for Sephora and wanted to try it....either a face wash or toner or something....my problems are uneven skin tone, T-zone oiliness, large pores and blackheads, especially near my nose

    does anyone use DDF? any good products to try from it?


  2. I use DDF's Glycolic Wash and I love it! I don't get the winter flakies anymore, and my complexion looks brighter and healthier in general. Part of that might be from the lactic acid peels I've been doing, but I think it's really how the products work in conjunction. I'd read the reviews on makeupalley.com for some more insight. I know some people found it way too harsh for their skin, but others really love it.

    I only use it once a day, in the evening, after removing my makeup with DHC cleansing oil. In the AM, I just splash with water, or else wash with Cetaphil. I think it's really important not to overuse, and you should be OK. :tup: