Opinions on Curry Belly bag

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  1. Hi Guys , I want to get a belly bag but I am not sure which color to get. I want a warmer color and I saw some posts on a belly bag in curry. How is the leather on this bag. Is it too stiff or is it soft and smooshy? Can anyone post or direct me to a picture of the bag in the curry color. I did a search and came up with some in copper ostrich and matita but none in curry. Help would be appreciated.

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  3. Looks to me like the same bag, but poor color in the photo. The color of the one on eBay seems close to what I remember curry looking like. The price is not bad... in the 50% sale the price was around $1050. I purchased my matita belly 76 from BV Dubai and with the shipping was right around the price of this auction. If you are considering purchasing this one, take it to the authenticate this bv thread and ask about authenticity and seller.

    The goat is stiffer and heavier (but not by much) with more texture than the nappa.. I imagine that it will soften somewhat, but not being like the veneta, it will not drape the same way. It is very durable, but not silky soft, and does not smell like nappa. Still amazingly gorgeous - at least in matita.

    I found this picture on the Max website:

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  4. Oh it doesnt look so pretty in the ebay auction:sad: The one I am looking to buy is at the store.. not on ebay. The SA sent me this picture where it looks kinda Matt finish and darker. The one on ebay looks more mangoish and shiny. I was hoping it was a darker color... shame its such a pretty shape.
  5. Thanks for the picture Baggiana! Im really not sure if I love it or hate it:sad:
  6. Finally decided to give it up. Its on sale at saks for $734!! I was calling around asking for the matita when my SA told me about this one. Such a great price:smile:
  7. Sona, Good choice but make sure you love it :smile:
  8. Baggiana's photo is quite accurate on how it looks like IRL. The leather is slightly rougher (will not scrape your clothes/knits) and has a slight sheen to it. If you like texture then it's a great choice. If you like it silky smooth & eventually super slouchy then it may be best to stick to nappa or even nappa umbria.

    $734 is a GREAT price but agree that you must be in love.

    If you're in love with the color (Curry), may I suggest the Sloane? I own one & it's a bag that will be slouchy & smooshy. There's a couple on eBay but they're over $1,000+.
  9. I saw this bag at Saks Denver yesterday, if anyone is interested. It doesn't have any markdowns on the tag, but I'll bet if they check it at the register it will be this fabulous price too. Tell the SA it's the bag on the mannequin.

    I think it's a really pretty color!