Opinions on crossbody please

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  1. 8CEDF86E-ED7E-42A9-9F10-1042877DB252.jpeg 9A3B1054-4A55-4EC6-88A6-9E45D54AE720.jpeg 5E83DE04-0F76-4D50-B489-6BF4AA5588A3.jpeg B41C5AC3-6E8E-4293-926E-102E051C9015.jpeg 2A19C9EC-4F3C-4319-99E9-6919303408E8.jpeg Hi,
    I recently purchased the PA in both Mono & DA. I purchased the non-adjustable strap from LV as didn’t want the hardware on it and easier to switch from bag to bag as needed. I’m thinking it might be too long. I know it’s all about preference but hoping for thoughts from others. I use the Favorite strap on my PA DE and thinking that length might be better. I’m 5’2” and short waisted. Thanks for your help.
  2. Personally, I think they look fine but I would not like how the DA is sitting on my hip. I tend to prefer my crossbody bags to sit a bit higher up, at a spot similar to where the DE bag is on your hip.
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  3. Thanks, that’s what I’m thinking too. The DA one looks a little low but wasn’t sure.
  4. I prefer the DE length personally, the DA is far too long and i would hate how low it hits me - but again, personal preference is king.
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  5. I also think the length of the DE bag and strap looks better. I have a Favorite MM and it sits even a bit higher on my hip.
  6. Thanks, I’m high waisted so things tend to sit lower on me but if I go shorter sometimes it looks weird. Plus I’m not the tallest either.
  7. Thanks, yeah I was trying to like it because it would be so much easier to switch the strap between mono & DA but do agree I think it’s a bit too long.
  8. The DE one seems to be hitting you at the right spot. The DA one looks like it’s a little to low for my liking.
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  9. I bought a strap from Mcraft to wear my PA crossbody. I’m really happy with the quality and was able to select the length I wanted.
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  10. Thank you, I’ll have to check them out.
  11. I agree with everyone, the DE one does hit better on you. I have been debating getting one and I am the same height as you, so now I am thinking it will be too long on me as well. That is the shoulder strap vvn 120cm, right?
  12. Yes it is. On my DE is the Favorite strap. I’m going to try to get that one instead. I liked the idea of two clips because I plan to rotate between my mono & DA and thought that would be easier. I’m bummed it’s so long though.
  13. Thanks. Do they sell a favourite strap separately?
  14. The DE length for sure!
  15. I’m going to see if I might be able to get a replacement strap. I may or may not get lucky. If not then I’ll have to go to a secondary market like Fashionphile.
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