Opinions on Coach Slim Duffle?

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  1. Hi
    I was hoping to get everyones opinion regarding this brown coach slim duffle. I saw someone with this bag and really liked it. However, the trend nowdays is for big bags, especially leather bags. Is it a good purchase and something that will last for awhile? Also, is it big enough to hold a wallet, keys, cell phone and make up bag?

  2. I like the color, but it appears a little small for everything you want to fit.
    Do you have the dimensions?
    It looks like everything would stack up in there. So to get to whatever is on the bottom, you'd have to take everything out first.
  3. The dimensions are 11"(H)x11"(L)x2.5"(D).
  4. aaaah, not deep enough {2.5"} IMO. The bag will be mishapen if you try to fit everything I think.
  5. I have one from about a year and a half ago that should have the same capacity as this one and I could fit a camera, wallet, phone, PDA, and keys. If you're near a Coach store you might want to go in with everything you want to fit in it and try out a floor model. It's always best to be sure!
  6. Eh, not my cup of tea. I'm not a fan of the sig fabric anymore w/ Coach. I just like their simple leather accessories. If you can get it at a great price, go for it! ;)
  7. I have a similar bag from a year or two ago that has a flap with magnetic closure. It's the same dimensions and basically the same bag, just different details. Mine is in leather.

    I've used the bag a great deal, it's nice for travel b/c that strap comes undone so you go from a shoulder bag to a messenger, over the body style very easily. When I was in London, I used it to squish in my jacket, a digital camera, wallet, small (2x3) makeup bag, and a tour book. Everything just kinda lined up vertically...

    Definitely try out the bag in person. If they don't have that specific color/pattern at the stores, they still make that bag with different materials. So you can try that out.
  8. I had a slim duffle once. That should tell you something. It's a really funky kinda bag to get into. I had to take out everything on top before I could get to stuff at the bottom. There was no shifting anything around, so everyone got to see the contents of my purse when I went in for anything. A great bag if you have alot of long flat things...LOL
  9. I've seen this bag many times, I really like it, particularly in the light blue they are using this Spring, and in the black. If it had a longer strap so I could wear it crosswise, I would be very tempted.
  10. As someone mentioned above the strap can be worn long for cross-body or doubled over to be worn on the shoulder. I prefer to wear mine on the shoulder, but cross-body is great for shopping or walking and taking pictures, since I don't need to "carry" it at all.
  11. I like it, I don't carry alot so it would be good for someone like me. All I need is my wallet, check book, & lip gloss & I'm ready to go. But, if you want to carry your makeup bag & etc. I would go for alittle bit bigger. Good luck w/ what ever you chose.
  12. it is definitely big enough for everything that you listed.. i think the bag has a classic shape that will withstand throughout the years.. i believe the straps adjust to longer lengths so you can wear it as a messenger which would make it convenient if you're traveling.
  13. I have one of these bags (different color), and it holds a lot. I'm sure you'll find that it has plenty of room. And, although, I'm not a messenger bag kinda gal, sometimes the strap option does come in handy.
  14. I have the older version without the buckles and it fits quite a lot. I think I have pictures. Let me check.
  15. You can either wear it cross body or over your shoulder.


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