Opinions on Clarity ENHANCED DIAMONDS

  1. What exactly is a clarity enhanced diamond? Is there is downside to it? It seems like they are cheaper..

  2. horrible! tiny jet trails? that sounds icky!
  3. I've never seen one that I know of, but I am sure I've come across them. I have no problem with it, as long as the consumer is aware of what they are purchasing and is instructed how to care for it. I understand that you can basically undo the filling if the ultrasound machines are used, I think?

    It can be a good way to stretch a diamond budget, just like selecting a warmer color, a larger table, ect. It's all about what the buyer wants.
  4. I have never seen one IRL either. I'd certainly be interested in seeing one! I wonder if the drilling, etc., weakens the stone? It seems like punching holes in it would make it less durable.
  5. I don't know much about them except that they are more fragile than diamonds that haven't been enhanced. Also I'm not sure if your insurance company will cover them if they're enhanced due to the fact that they're more fragile.
  6. I have seen a 1.25 carat clarity enhanced diamond. My jeweller told me the value is greatly reduced, is it more sensitive, & I could see little black flecks in it with my naked eye. It did not have that WOW factor or sparkle that a natura diamond does.
    This is only my opinion from what I have seen.