opinions on chocolate patent betty bag?


Jul 30, 2006
The large chocolate patent Betty-- should I keep it or sell it? The color is pretty amazing; it's a very warm dark brown with a reddish tinge almost.

Any large Betty owners out there have an opinion? Is the bag awkward to carry? Do you wear it on your shoulder? If I were to sell it on ebay, any idea what the going rate would be?
Have you only just purchased it KMS, it sometimes takes a little while to get used to it, but if not I would use your return policy as the bags on ebay are no longer commanding the high prices they were, but you can always do a search and see comparible prices so that you know what to pitch yours at.

I personally liked the betty and adore the patent finish :smile:
hi! i have the large betty although not in patent but i find it incredibly easy to carry and i almost always wear it on my shoulder. i posted a photo on the betty reference section if you want to see...
I think they are beautiful, but why are you thinking about selling it? If you're thinking about it, you must not LOOOOVE it. And if you don't LOOOOOVE it, then you should probably sell and buy something you do love!
Yup. I almost convinced myself that I loved it and it was meant to be and that's why they sent it... but yeah, then reality kicked in and I realized I would not have chosen this bag for myself, and it was a mistake and not fate. :idea:
if you don't love it then definitely don't keep it. i have talked myself into bags because they're such good deals and ultimately realize even on sale they are expensive! :hrmm:

and the store should pay all shipping costs since it was their mistake!