Opinions on Chloe Iris Satchel?

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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, but would like your opinions on the Chloe Iris Satchel. I have an opportunity to get one, but am a little hesitant. So, what do you all think....yeah, or nah.......:confused1: :confused1:
  2. It's a great style bag -- and not being made any longer by Chloe. I saw one not too long ago in Chocolate that I was considering.
    I say Yeah!
  3. Oohh.. there is a bag named after me? :P
  4. Thanks for your replies, I keep going back and forth, specially now with the AR sale..... now its between the Iris and the medium silverado in hazelnut....decisions decisions....:wondering :wondering :wondering
  5. Gigi2shop, did you find the Iris on sale? --- Where?
  6. if you get one, can you post pictures???
  7. HELP!! I bought the Chloe Iris Satchel on ebay and think it's fake. Does anyone have the REAL thing so I can tell whether or not to return it? Here's the ebay info so you can check it out:Item number: 150103389138 .

    Any commets would be appreciated!! :smile:
  8. Hi there! This should be asked in the authenticate this thread located in the chloe shopping sub-forum. You'll be able to get more opinions. I had this bag briefly for 2 days. Is the inner handles stuffed w/ something... like a ball thingy? That is my concern w/ the bag. Chloe inner handles dont have separate 'stuffing'.