Opinions on Chanel Sunnies?

  1. Happy new year ladies! Not sure if this should be in the Chanel forum - but taking a chance...

    I went shopping a couple days ago FULLY planning on investing in Chanel sunnies. Loved the look of them for so long but never actually held a pair in my hands. I have always worn cheapies - and they've always been lost or broken by my kids. I was planning to baby these Chanels....

    Anyway, I had DH's FULL blessing to spend all kinds of $$ on these sunnies, had my Sunglass Hut gift certificates in hand, I found a pair that suited me, AND:

    I was so disappointed. :confused1:

    Holding them, looking them over - they really didn't feel any different from any of the cheap sunglasses that I have been wearing all my life. I REALLY don't mean to offend anyone by saying this - I am just hoping someone can set me straight - they're just light and plastic like the ones I currently have which cost $12.99. I WANTED to be knocked on my ass with how good the quality would be, but I wasn't. I was so, "meh".

    What gives? Are the Sunglass Hut Chanel's different from the ones at the boutique? Am I missing something?
  2. Sunglass Hut carries Chanel? I wish they weren't everywhere which now seems to be the case. A little harder to find would be nice...

    I think all higher end sunnies are very similar and seem nice and well made. I'm really surprised you feel they are the same as a $12 pair. Don't the cheapies have waves and poorer quality lenses?
  3. they shouldn't be different than the ones you find at NM or Chanel, but maybe it was the particular pair?
    I have 2 pairs and they're by far the best I've owned, only ones that came close were some Giorgio Armani's.

    When I say best, I mean comfort and durability.
    I buy plastic ones {or whatever they call them} and I'm sure plastic is plastic, so if you were merely fondling them, maybe they felt the same.
    But if you find the right pair that truly fits, you won't be disappointed, at least not IMO.
  4. Only the Sunglass Hut at Sherway Gardens carries Chanel and Bulgari. I dragged DH to Sherway (he hates that mall, I love it) just because it's the only one with Chanel!! There was a Bulgari pair that suited me also - but I had my heart SET on Chanel.

    I am still going to invest in a good pair - it's the only way to guarantee that you're getting 100% UVA UVB protection. Even though the cheap ones have the sticker it doesn't mean anything. I just can't justify spending an extra $200 for the CHANEL written across the side... My cheap ones have never had waves... quality lenses is debatable. They do scratch easily which I am sure the better ones do not.

    Sighs. I sooooo wanted to love them!
  5. I own MANY chanel sunglasses and LOVE THEM ALL
    Priced 300 to 550
    I even own 3 pairs of chanel eyeglasses
    Priced 275 to 400 (without the lenses)
    I love the style of the CC glasses
    Yes they are plastic
    I also own Raybans glasses for 100.00

    There are SOME chanel glasses that look cheap and there are some like my 550 pair that look espensive
    what style did you look at????
  6. The pair I selected were newer, #197826. They were $484 Cdn. They had the double C's, large in silver, connecting the arms.
  7. Could you find a picture of it on the internet and post it here..I don't know style numbers..Now I'm curious to see which ones they are
  8. I think she is describing the 6014 style. I have them in brown with gold connectors.
  9. Yes that's them! They're beautiful!
  10. I ALMOST bought those a few months ago in Saks..THEY looked good on me:graucho: I noticed a Small scratch in the lens and they had no more... so I bought a different pair of Chanels..
  11. I love the way they look on me and I'm hard to fit. They're the same frame as the 5080b which I have in black (with the rhinestones on the arms).
  12. This is why this forum is so good/bad. Now I want to go back and get them... and I swore to Dh that I was over them.:devil:
  13. I wouldn't judge by the weight and the fact that they're plastic. Lightweight sunnies are more comfortable. I think you should judge by the visibility through the lenses, the comfort, and of course the style. :smile: I bought my first pair last year and was very happy to see that Chanel sunnies are great qualilty all around. I really love them. The only sunnies I've found so far with better lens quality are Maui Jims, but you're not going to find any styles like Chanel from them. They're all about sporty metal frames. Maui Jims are slightly less expensive, but not by much. My eyes are light sensitive, so I've always been willing to pay more for sunglasses that block light and glare better, and I really think that Chanels are great.

    For the kind of money you can spend on sunnies, you're right - you should LOVE them! I hope you find a pair you like.
  14. Go back and have a second look. You may still be over them. Don't let us convince you to get something you don't totally love, but I often like to retry a second time just to make sure if I do or don't.

    I have 2 pairs and think they're great. I find them very comfortable and they don't get bent out of shape or scratched easily, when I throw them in my purse without their case.

    There are many high end styles which are very well made. Armani, D&G, Verasce, Prada... keep looking if you don't love the Chanels. Good luck!
  15. ^ITA!!!

    Prada has some fantastic ones BTW! :biggrin: