Opinions on Chanel Pearls

  1. I love them both, but I like the second one better. I just think it's a just little more classy looking, although the first one looks like fun to wear.
  2. :shame: I bought a bunch of Chanel pearls, sight unseen to find the perfect pearls for me. Which I finally did and they are fabulous. I'll post pics later.:smile:

    Anyway, I thought I'd try the one's I'm not keeping on eBay so I don't have to return them:sweatdrop: and so the SA's that sold them to me don't lose their commission. My starting prices just cover all my costs.:yes:
  3. i like the 2nd better too :smile:
  4. Smooth, I was wondering if you were the same person. Duh. I feel really dumb. I just can't decide which I like better. Both are lovely. I will be watching them.
  5. I find that the 2nd ones are more youthful and the long strand is more mature.
  6. Here are the Chanel Pearls that I am keeping for myself.
    1-22-07 025.jpg 1-22-07 023.jpg 1-22-07 021.jpg
  7. Wow, Mon. They are all beautiful!!! I especially love the ones you are keeping!! How much were those? I may need to make another "investment" LOL!!!
  8. Beth, when I was talking to the Bloomie's SA I wasn't sure what I was getting - her description was so bad. So when these long pearls arrived I did a happy dance.:yahoo: They were $1,100 + tax :wtf: but totally worth it.:love:
  9. They are beautiful! I was looking for those but the SA at SCP told me those where only featured on the runway and wouldn't be available. I think someone lied to me....
  10. Those are the ones I have! :heart: Except mine have the black pearls where yours have the silver.

    Do you find you are extra careful with them? I thought I would throw mine on and go, but I kind of worry about them when I'm wearing them. Especially when I wear them ultra long and not doubled up. I am afraid I'll catch them on something and tug and... break them.

    I'm down for a metallic pair from this spring... I have no idea what they look like though!
  11. spendingmore--I like both but would chose the 2nd. Seems more versatile.

    Smooth--I Love your pearls!!! Were they hard to find??
  12. I would definitely go with the lariat---

    Mon STUNNING!!!!!!! At last the elusive pearls and what a beauty they are!!!!!!!!
  13. Thanks Lainey, these were not necessarily the one's I was looking for. In fact I was looking for the one's that LiLo is wearing here - but they are from fall2005 and completely sold out everywhere - and the one's on eBay are all fake.:crybaby:

    But I'm beyond thrilled to get the one's I did.
    LL Chanel Pearls 001.jpg LL Chanel Pearls 002a.jpg
  14. Thanks Penny.:kiss: