Opinions on Chanel Jumbo

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Should I Sell?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. My husband recently got me a chanel jumbo(black, caviar and silver hardware), but I don't think that bag is for me... I thought I wanted it, because of all the youtube videos I've been watching and how everyone keep saying its "holy grail bag." I wore it 3 times with in 5 months and I just felt like I had to baby it... Plus its a pretty heavy bag and the chain hurts my shoulders :sad: I'm more into small/mini bags. So I put my name down for the waiting list for a chanel mini square :biggrin: Please let me know if you think I should keep or sell, and if I should sell where is the best place?
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    Someone else's holy grail shouldn't be the reason for you to buy, or keep a bag. If it doesn't suit your life(style) for whatever reason, sell it and get a bag that makes your heart sing and you find yourself reaching for often. I love the Jumbo on other people, but somehow I can't seem to make it work for me. I also love smaller bags.
    You can consign the bag ( Fashionphile, Yoogi's, AFF, My Personal Shoppers, etc.), or try to sell it yourself (and make more money) on sites like Tradesy, VC, Ebay (don't recommend if you're not experienced), and PM.
    Good luck :smile:
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  3. I would keep! I go through phases of mini bags and big bags. It's good to have a mini square and a larger sized flap for days you need more stuff
  4. I would just keep it to be honest. I would hate to resell and loss money because most pre-loved buyers don't want to pay close to retail for used bag. also your thoughts might change over time. B if you absolutely have to part the. I would suggest selling yourself
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  5. If you don't love it and hardly use it, I think you should sell it.
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  6. I'm going through the same thing, I thought I wanted the jumbo and and now I'm thinking it might be too heavy for me and to big for my frame. Have you considered the medium/large size?
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    Yes I have considered the medium large size after I got the jumbo. My sister in law has it and I tried it on but it sits too high for me when I only use one strap so I decided not to get that one. I'm 5'7...
  8. You may sell the jumbo now (at a price lower than what you paid for) or wait until the price increases, then sell. Maybe if you keep the bag for 6 months, your feelings about it may change. I, however, sold my jumbo (double flap and single flap) because the former was too heavy while the latter lost its shape from constant use.
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  9. From the reasons you described why jumbo didn't work for you, they seem to be clear logical reasons - no indecision, etc. I would say sell it if you don't use it. do not see any reasons described by you that makes keeping something you don't use and don't love. I have all the sizes in classic except maxi. I must admit that I used my jumbos the least. I often wonder if the jumbo is so popular and referenced by many as the "holy grail" simply because most ladies carry around a lot of stuff (lifestyle need or just simply preference). I know I used to. then I realized that all those "just in case" stuff that I tote around all the time in the past had been needed never and perhaps once or twice at the most, and I realized that it's a lot of effort to carry them around for the once that I might need it ever. I think majority of people have problem fitting all the stuff they want / need to carry around inside a M/L size bag so jumbo became a necessary size.

    before you buy though, have you tried on a rectangular mini and how do you find it against the square mini, both on how you like the look/shape, where the chains hit your body (shoulder carry vs. cross body), and how stuff you need to carry everyday fit inside both of them? I'm 5' 8" and although I own both, I prefer the rectangular mini, if haven't yet, perhaps try them out in store first?
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    Thank you all for replying to my post. :smile: This is my first one and I decided to keep the jumbo for a year just in case I change my mind. Even though it's a heavy bag, it's a beautiful bag. I do love it. But some times I feel like it's too big on me.
  11. Yes I totally agree with you. I've been watching a lot of those "what's in my bag" videos and I honestly don't need to carry all that stuff. Just my wallet, phone, keys and lip product.
    I really do want to sell my jumbo, but I don't want to lose money on it. So I'm thinking about keeping it for a year. Maybe I'll change my mind and use it.

    I haven't tried the rectangular mini but I have tried the square and I like wear it hits when I wear it on my shoulder. My sister has one and I just love it on her. I also have a woc and I wear that one cross body and I think the rectangular mini is more of a cross body bag? I haven't yet tried one on yet.

    Thank you for replying :smile: now I have to try on the rectangular mini to make sure. Both are just so cute:heart:
  12. That's what I was considering. Waiting for the price to increase so I don't lose too much money on it.
    Was your jumbo lambskin or caviar?
    I had a Celine luggage mini in the smooth leather and I used it quite a bit because I loved it so much at the time. But it lost its shape :sad: it made me sad so I sold that one