Opinions on Chanel Cambon Ballet Flats please....

  1. Posted this in the Chanel section and didn't get much response so I am gonna try here.....

    Opinions on the Cambon flats please-

    Are they really comfortable, or not because of the lack of foot support?
    Do they have padding on the insole or are they pretty flat?
    Can you feel the ground through the bottom soles?
    Are the soles flexible or rigid?

    How does the sizing run?

    Does the leather get dirty/worn because of the way the bottom soles are (don't go all the way to the edges)?

    Does the sole hold up or are these better suited as an indoor slipper type shoe?

    Also, what is a size US 10 in them? 41? 42?

    Sorry for all the ?'s, I just wanted more info before paying so much for these and there is no way I can try them on so I need to make sure they would be the correct size.

    Are they are sale anywhere??

    Thanks ladies!:yes:
  2. i don't have the answer to all ur questions cuz i don't have them but i'll do my best since i tried them on.
    Okay i really wanted these flats but when i tried them on at Saks i hated them. I could feel everything underneath me cuz there wasnt enough padding. I thought they fit kinda small i take a 40 in all my marc by mj shoes and my choos but in these 40 was sorta tight.
  3. Wow i had the same experience, i really wanted those flats but when i tried them on at Chanel store they felt sooo uncomfortable, too flat and i could feel everything under the foot, i am usually a 39 but they did felt a bit tight. I actually bought beige leather flats with a tiny little heel instead. they have a chanel logo on the side, very cute and EXTREMELy comfy. I love them! I bought them in 39 and they fit perfectly!
  4. Yeah, I have been wanting them for awhile, but just don't think they'll be comfortable and that I'll be able to wear them outside quite a bit. I am thinking of getting a different pair of Chanel flats now.

    Anyone have any recommendations?
  5. I have one: black with white CC's
    • i find these flats comfortable enough. i haven't had any complains about them yet.
    • they do not come in half sizes. in my case, i wear a 6.5 and so i ordered a 7
    • 7 = 37 which in your case you would be a size 40
    • they were once on sale over the summer. as a matter of fact, i had seen few of the pink ones with white CC's reduced to $200'ish @ S5A in Florida Mall (Orlando) as well as in Neimans in Int'l Plaza Mall (Tampa)
    • overall, these flats are simply "cute" :yes: ... you're going to love them ;)
  6. I want a pair as well! They are sooo cute!

  7. Hmm...I was talking w/a rep from the NY Boutique and they said they have 1/2 (.5) sizes. We were talking about the black w/black patent C on them- maybe them only have .5 sizes in certain colors??
  8. i think they are very comfortable and actually they are one of my "easiest" pairs of shoes... i don't have to think, will i walk a lot today? will it rain? they are easy and chic.
  9. It sounds like I may be able to find these still available at Saks and NM?
  10. I love them. They are cute and comfotable. fits true to size for me...
  11. Does anyone have any tips on spotting fakes?
  12. I love mine: Black/Silver Tweed. To me, very comfortable and indeed a classic. Get them!