Opinions on Chanel Cambon Ballet Flats please.

  1. Opinions on the Cambon flats please-

    Are they really comfortable, or not because of the lack of foot support?
    Do they have padding on the insole or are they pretty flat?
    Can you feel the ground through the bottom soles?
    Are the soles flexible or rigid?

    How does the sizing run?

    Does the leather get dirty/worn because of the way the bottom soles are (don't go all the way to the edges)?

    Does the sole hold up or are these better suited as an indoor slipper type shoe?

    Also, what is a size US 10 in them? 41? 42?

    Sorry for all the ?'s, I just wanted more info before paying so much for these and there is no way I can try them on so I need to make sure they would be the correct size.

    Are they are sale anywhere??

    Thanks ladies!:yes:
  2. i dont really know any of the questions
    except im pretty sure a 10 is a 40
    and i want some white on black ones
    take pics when you get them
    so i can envy you
  3. Anyone else?

    Maybe I should post this in the 'glass slipper' section.
  4. Hey Sammie!
  5. they are super comfy, but you are right NO SUPPORT.

    They scuff on the bottom edges where the heal is. I have two pairs a 1/2 size too big for me (cause they were sold out of my size) so i had a shoe insert put in them, so they are very cushion-y and soft under my feet. Without the insert it's more of a "flat" foot feeling.

    I am a 36.5 and mine are 37 and they are 1/2 size too big...so mine seem pretty true to size, unlike my classic ballet flats.

    I would say that the cambon flats are great, but more than anything if you are a chanel lover you will really love whenever you look down at your feet at those huge glorious CC's. and i think that is the best part of the cambon flats!
  6. Hi Shelley! :flowers:
  7. Thanks so much for your input!:yes:
  8. I want some of these too. I really love the black w/ white :smile:
  9. A 10 is a 40 but I always need to go up a size in Chanel. Most of my Chanels are 41 and I wear a size 10 in everything else.
  10. the cambon flats are comfy -i have the white on black and the leather is very soft and squishy, BUT there isnt very much arch support, and they are a little "flat" in the sole

    i'm not 100% sure about this, but when i bought mine, i asked the s/a for an 8.5 (i am a true 8.5) and she said they only ran whole sizes and brought me a 39 -and they fit perfectly :] so if you are a half size, or between sizes, going up is recommended

    and even if theyre a little roomy, most of my friends that have chanel flats usually put insoles in them (mainly b/c the inside is all leather, and it gets a bit musty in there, lol -but, it also helps give a bit more cushion)

    its a soft leather, and comfy to walk in for small amounts of time -but i wouldnt put TOO much wear on them... at my work, i see a LOT of customers who wear their cambon flats on vacation as walking shoes and end up having to purchase flip-flops or more comfy shoes (and since the leather's really soft, i wouldnt recommend putting so many miles on them, they hold up -but dont look so good after theyve been worn excessively)

    i usually wear mine once every week or two, to go shopping or to go out, but ill dust them off and they go right back in the chanel box -so they still look very good

    good luck!! let us know if you buy them! post pics so we can all see how cute they are
  11. My all black Cambon flats (with the large black CCs) have a bit of a heel. I noticed the shoes with the white CCs are really flat.