Opinions on Celine Boogie Night bag? Pretty please :)

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  1. I’d love your honest opinions on this bag…. What do you think?

    Celine's bejeweled Boogie bag is a miniature version of the iconic Boogie shape, perfectly downsized and artfully decorated for evening glamour. Waves of glittering jewel-cut crystals adorn the front and back while two Celine logo charms serve as a fun finish to the zippered top.

    - Smooth grained leather with polished silver metal hardware
    - Tiny leather cutouts and jewel-cut crystals
    - Small rolled leather handles
    - 8" x 4.75" x 3"
    - Made in Italy
    - $930.00
    Celine Boogie.jpg Boogie Night - open.jpg Boogie Night - with mannequin.jpg Boogie Night - zoom2.jpg Boogie Night - zoom.jpg
  2. I think it's super cute!
  3. I could be just a teensy bit biased, but that's a fabulous Boogie! And the size is just right for going out, too.
  4. I like this bag a lot! The only part I'm not crazy about is all the jewels, I find it a little on the excessive side. Other than that, I'm very fond of this design! Good luck and if you do get it, please post pics!
  5. I think it's very cute - but perhaps a bit pricy for what it is?
  6. Its really cute. I love it.
  7. I honestly like the regular Boogie much better. The jeweling-is that a word?-takes away from simple style that Boogies usually have. Just not for me, but go for it if you love it!
  8. i think the jewels make it a bit funky... i tend to see the boogie as a classic and more conservative (in a good way) bag...and i prefer the larger orginal version...
  9. i saw this in real life and it is super cute! If i was a rich mom - i would get that for my daughter!
  10. Thanks all for your thoughts.

    I'm very torn about this bag.

    I love the Boogie shape, but when I tried the original size IRL, it was just too big and bulky for me, and honestly, just a tiny bit boring IMO (no offense to Boogie lover, since I really admire the shape).

    When I saw this mini version on eLuxury, I fell :love: with it. But when I received it, I was surprised with how small it is. It's still a beauty, and would be great for going out. But is it too much $$ for the bag? After all, the original size is only abot $200 more....HELP!!
  11. I really love this bag, its stunning and can be dressedup or down.
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