Opinions on buying my first Chanel

  1. I think the time has come for me to purchase something. I am a guy so I am VERY limited so to say. I want the Chanel sunglasses model number 4120B if that helps. I could not find a picture on ebay but they are a small metal frame (black) with crystals all along both arms with 2 square CC logos on each arm... the len's are dark also.. I am in LOVE

    They are $390.00 at my Saks sunglasses stand , the Chanel stores here do not have the sunglasses. Now with tax I am lookin at over $400.00 for these. I am willing to spend the $ yes but I can get these from a seller on ebay who has like 3000 plus positive feedback for $310.00 that included shipping, the Chanel box, case, and shopping bag. I just don't know what I should do. Save $ and take a chance ( I have been screwed on ebay before) or spend the extra $100.00 and order from a Chanel boutique (maybe one of mine here can get them.) So I can get the Chanel experience... :blink:

    any suggestions/thoughts
  2. who's the Seller? There's a few that have been listed here as reliable.
  3. mv1024
  4. I say spend the extra $$$.. I've been burned on EBAY buying a coach bag 4 years ago from a seller who had 4000+ positive feedbacks , make a long story short.. the seller was selling REALLY GOOD KNOCKOFFS, those 4000 people either didn't know or didn't care, sometimes I like to look at the people with 40 or so positive feedbacks, in my opinion these are "generally" people who bought things for themselves not using them anymore and then decided to sell them.. at least thats the kind of ebay user I am ..LOL either way you decide to go .. Good Luck !
  5. Search that seller and you will see all of their glasses and they look authentic to me.

    I figured it out. I would like to purchase them from an actual Chanel boutique, the one's here inside Saks and Neimans dont give you the Chanel shopping bag or receipt and personally I think that makes the experience better so I would order from Rodeo Drive or something. So $390 for the glasses plus MI sales tax because thats what they charge me for living out of state is $413.40 and then the $10-30 shipping so it's like $425.00 rounded off for the glasses. It's $100 savings if I buy from him
  6. but then if the one lady inside Saks can order them for me (the Chanel stand) then I pay $413.40 because shipping ould be free and I just pick them up at the Mall... but then add the gas to get there... lol it's the same $ lol
  7. Sorry I keep going on here but I am obsessed with Louis Vuitton and every time I get $$$$$ I just want to spend it there and I keep telling my self to get these glasses but then I keep saying " $400, I can get something from LV" I just can't seem to break away!
  8. ^ if you buy thru SAKS at their EGC event you save the money as well..dont know when the next GC event is..ANYONE?
  9. what's the EGC event?
  10. ^ You spend a certain amount of money and get Gift cards...I bought a 2000 Chanel bag and got a 300 DOLLAR gc!
  11. wow, that's a good deal...which saks sells chanel? the one in short hills doesn't...

    mattd7474...maybe you can call saks and ask when is the next time they're having that sale? sounds like a good deal...
  12. Saks in Bala,PA..I have a super SA there named Donna..she is the best
  13. The one in Short Hills has a SAKS First Room, they have Chanel there :cool:
  14. really....i didn't know that....thanks for the info. how do i see it? do i ask them if i could see the First Room?