Opinions on Burberry Sunglasses I bought please!:)

  1. [​IMG]Hi everyone I got these for my b-day and want to know if you like them. These will be my first "designer" sunnies and I want them to be really special! I know they don't need big C's on the side to look expensive but I want to know if these appeal to people also. And yes I do think they look great on my face:p thanks for all feedback[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. They look cute! Gotta see them on you before I comment tho. =)
  3. I love them, but it all depends on how the look on YOU!
  4. Cute..I agree depends on how they look on you.
  5. They look to, be made of, plastic .
  6. ^ And what is your official stance on plastic, vaclav?

    I like the glasses btw-- I think they're nice. But I agree with Margaret and Candy...
  7. i think they are very cute!!!
  8. I really like them. The pattern on the side is unique.
  9. thanks guys. I asked a couple friends and they weren't overly enthused. i was looking to buy my first "real" designer glasses and when I tell ppl. that they kind of look for a big flashy logo.

    I'm not sure if I like this which is more understated, or would prefer for ppl. to know that they cost me an arm and a leg;)
  10. vaclav, all sunglasses are made of plastic..or do yours have tweed on them?

    I like them! The sides are cute.
  11. I prefer sunglasses made, of stone or perhaps, a woodened material.
  12. I love them! And I agree with the others - it all depends on how they look on you.
  13. Like these? :confused1:
  14. ^^^^ Lol.

    chanmut your sunglasses are very stylish, i like them too.
  15. ClaireZk........
    :roflmfao::roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Chanmutt, love the sunnies...it's simple & classy without being too in your face kinda thing. Post some pictures of you modeling them :graucho: