Opinions on Brynne

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  1. Kooba lovers-I recently saw the Brynne on sale at Neimans .Does anyone have this bag and what do you think of it. It looks like a great bag, love the corset lace detail. Welcome all opinons.Thanks

  2. I think this is a beautiful bag. Tough and casual in that traditional Kooba way, but that corseting detail makes it really feminine. I think the shape looks like a Lucy or a Marcelle which makes it very appealing. I've been eyeing this bag too but I really want one in black. I noticed they only had the Oak left when I looked yesterday - the Bourbon had already been snapped up. Get it quickly! If you decide you don't like it, you can always return it later. ;)
  3. Jade is right on target with her comments. I love this bag too, have it in auburn. Wouldn't mind a black one either.
  4. The brynne rocks! Its a great size with simple but classy looking details.
    Just dont make the mistake I made by buying it in camel!!

    Im still cursing myself! All of the other colours are great though! :yes:
  5. What does the oak look like in person? What type of brown? Orangy or more towards grey? I can't tell on the website and haven't seen that color in person. TIA!!!
  6. I have the Brynne in Oak, and it's not orange-y at all, if anything it's more of a deep, chestnut brown. The "oak" name is fitting, I think. It's a dark brown, but IMO very beautiful in person.
  7. Thanks evilcat! I think I really want one! :graucho:
  8. nunnla- what color is the auburn? I went ahead and oredered it in oak.
  9. I've never been knocked out with this bag and never fancied getting one. I agree the corsetting makes it very feminine. I do need toone day get a Kooba in this popular style (the Marcelle/Lucy/Brynne) look. I got rid of my Marcelle because I didn't want the lacing and bows. One day I'll get another of this type.
  10. I have a Brynne in black, and I really enjoy it. It is a larger bag, larger than the Marcelle. Definitely, a tote bag kind of look. But, it's great when you need something larger and it really looks wonderful in black.
  11. Love, love, love this bag! As some of the other ladies have mentioned, it's shape is very similar to the Marcelle & Lucy lines but the bag is bit a larger. Probably the largest Kooba I have. Very comfortable. I have it in auburn and would love to get one in black. :tup:
  12. I absolutely LOVE the Brynne! I have it in black, and it looks great dressed up or dressed down. And... there's soooo much room inside.
  13. The auburn is a gorgeous reddish mahogany brown. Here is a picture.
  14. Thank you shewolfy12- I already oredered it!