Opinions on Botkier Med. Bianca?

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  1. I just purchased one of these in Cognac, but don't have it yet!

    What can you tell me about it? Is it heavy? Squishy leather?

    This is my first Botkier.

  2. Oh my, you will LOVE it. It's the most lovely, light, soft leather. The bag is really wonderful and the cognac color is fantastic too. The quality will however, spoil you for most other bags in that price range, once you go to Botkier, you can not go back down a level, do you know what I mean?
    The hardware/zippers are industrial strength (not flimsy) and just perfect for the bag. I bet you will love and adore it... I have the Bianca in Concord and I just love it..whenever I use it, I find myself fondling theleather...
  3. I just got my Bianca in Denim yesterday and I LOVE IT! The leather is SUPER soft and gorgeous! I went out with it last night, and it's super roomy and just slouchy enough :smile:
  4. Thanks guys! I'll bet the denim is georgous! I am bummed now though because I just saw that Karizma has 40% off of it!! I could have saved another $50, but oh well. I cannot wait to get it even more now!!

  5. Do you guys have the Medium? I'm wondering if I'm going to be bummed I didn't go with the Large one. Guess I'll have to buy another if I really like it...darn!
  6. I own a Bianca in Denim too. It is my favorite of the Botkier bags. The leather is soft and it is lined in suede - which is rare for bags in this price range.

    The leather is very soft and it is a slouchy bag with the shape of a more strutured bag. The leather is awesome! It is so soft. Compared to other Botkier bags it is very light. I think it is 2-3 lbs but doesn't feel too heavy or bulky.

    The zippers stuck a little when I first got it but they are now very smooth and feel substancial.

    I own the medium and I think it's the perfect size - not too big and not too small for everyday. The large one was huge for me (I'm 5'4") and really overwhelmed me. You can also stuff them pretty full without them looking too bulky. I can get a large wallet, full-size bottle of vitamins, I Pod, Full-sized headpones (not earbuds), sweater, lipstick, cellphone, chapstick, gum, keys, cardigan, and several other small items in my medium so I wouldn't call it a small bag but it is not too much for a smaller frame either.

    Hope you enjoy it!

    I generally don't buy duplicate bags but I'm considering another one in bone.
  7. I also have one in Denim and I love it~!
    Weight is good, and it is also great for everyday! Its roomy yet the size would restrict you on putting too much to weight it down. I love love love it~!

    Love it so much that I am considering a Botkier large Bianca - but maybe later.. much later...
  10. i think the med, is a great size and im a Big beautiful girl :smile:
    and even for me i wouldnt want the large, i actually think it doesnt make the style look nearly as nice as the medium does (the big one is jsut out of proportion to me)

    I have it in gunmetal and its just amazing
    I love the pockets SO convenient, and the style i love

    the leather is SOSOSOSO Soft and the lining is just to die for the suede inside YUM!

    it holds a lot more then you would think without looking stuffed or feeling heavy

    you will love it!!!! :smile: cant wait to see pics :smile:
  11. aarrrggghhhh, I can't wait to get it!! The mailman tried to delivery today but I wasn't home (the only hour I wasn't at home today). So now I have to go and pick it up tomorrow. I'll post pics when I can.

  12. o my god thats the worst it happens to me like every time im waiting for something its like the one minute im in the bathroom or at the store, the mailman comes and then i have to wait and wait and go get it!!! :smile:

    Well something to look forward to tomorrow!!! cant wait :smile:
  13. Heh...when I saw the Biancas at Nordie's, my DH said, "Those bags have boobies!":nuts:
  14. I have the exact-same bag and usually I prefer larger bags but the medium was perfect. For the price, you can't beat the quality - the leather is beautiful and I get lots of compliments on the bag. My only complaint is that the flap with the turnlock on it is kind of a nuisance to constantly open and close, but at least it has 2 outer pockets and the flap looks beautiful. All in all, a great bag.
  15. Have any of you had problems with the dye rubbing off on your clothes? My sister has a black medium Bianca and she carries it on her shoulder. The last time she used it, it left black marks all over her pink sweater. She called Botkier and they weren't very helpful.:sad: Has this happend to anyone else? Is there anything you can use to treat the bag to prevent color transfer?