Opinions on Borough color please

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  1. I am thrilled to use my PCE for the Borough bag. Now.....in your opinion, which color is more beautiful while being a neutral that I could wear with everything? The Boar Skin white and navy, or the camel?
  2. Camel gets my vote.
  3. The camel is gorgeous!
  4. Camel!

    I have the white/navy and one in oxblood, for me the boar skin will be more special occasion.
  5. Went to Coach yesterday to check out Preston, and was moon struck by the navy/white/camel boarskin! The leather and color contrast is stunning! I thought it would go nicely with many "springy" things.
  6. Is the navy a pretty blue? In all the pictures it seems black and not navy to me. Maybe in real life it is different?
  7. It is a really dark navy. Saw it in person yesterday. Still classy and beautiful though.
  8. Agreed. I had to hold it closer to the lights to see it was navy - very dark...but gorgeous!
  9. Camel gets my vote!
  10. Camel
  11. Camel
  12. I like the camel for the color and also I am not a fan of the extra edge of leather on the side of the boarskin. I also like the gray/white/camel colorblock in smooth leather which I think does not have the extra seam. Others like the extra seam, though.

    The camel would be more versatile than the colorblock (with regard to wardrobe matching), however the colorblocks have a darker bottom, so the bottom would be easier to keep clean, but they also have the white part which could be harder to keep clean.
  13. Thanks for all of the input! You guys are so helpful!
  14. I have both, and while they're both great neutrals, I agree that the camel would probably coordinate with more outfits.

    The camel has silver hardware and shorter, non-adjustable strap. The navy boarskin has silver hardware, feet on the bottom and the new adjustable, longer strap if any of these features matter to you.

  15. My vote is for Camel!!