opinions on black Meredith

  1. There has been a lot of comment about meredith in slate and some positives on blonde but very little about the darker colors. Do you all like her in black? To me the black leather may not be as eye-catchinig but it should be more durable. And I kind of think the bag takes on a dressier look in black?
  2. I like the Meredith... it's just not a style that really grabs me. If I were to get it, I would choose the black one because I do think it would last longer than the other two shades.

    Do you have your eye on one? ;)
  3. I'm trying to choose between a blonde and a black...will probably take both home and check out with my wardrobe, etc.
  4. I have a med brown Meredith. I absolutely love the bag, and it's very comfortable to carry, but the leather has worn a little. I sprayed the bag three times with Wilsons before using it.
  5. I'm still waiting to find a Meredith on sale! I just saw gray and light brown Merediths at Nordstrom but both were discolored. I made another post about that. If they had heavily discounted one of those I would have taken it....but they didn't! :sad:
  6. I quite like it! But when even the Luggage (which must be the one you have, meleton), shows wear, I'm not sure I would take a chance on that fragile leather, even in black...
  7. Thanks ladies. I decided to get a blonde meredith and not the black. Now I'm trying to decide whether to keep it. Price was very good (approx $225) so if it didn't hold up I wouldn't feel as bad as I would paying full retail. Main question for me is will I use and love the bag. Also is it a year-round color or more spring/summer. I'm in San Diego and with the warm climate and casual dress here I could probably use it year-round.