Opinions on black bbags

  1. i currently have a 2005 black first, which i adore because the size is perfect for me and the leather is TDF. i also recently acquired a 2003 black city with silver hardware, which i love too. BUT i just feel having two black bbags is a bit too much. what should i do? any opinions?
  2. I think 2 black bags in 2 sizes is just perfect!! I have a black 2003 first
    and a Black 2006 work, I use both of them and love them....
  3. IMO black is the ONLY color i would have more than one size in-(personally I would like to have a first, city and work in black)

    plus with the different colored hardwares... totally different.
    *WAIT*(what am i saying?) *gets out yoyo*

    -look at the yoyo-
    -you are getting very sleepy-
    -when i snap my fingers you will do whatever i say-

    you shall keep the first. now go to the post office and immediately express mail me the 03 black city.

  4. LOL - Yes, two black b bags are too many - sell me your 2003 city ;)
  5. hehe. i love the black city and will not part with it anytime soon unless i can find an eggplant city to replace it with :biggrin:
  6. Blacks are staple in balenciagas. They're different styles and very different. I say.. keep both:yes:
  7. I would love to find an older first in black. You can never have too many black bags, IMO.
  8. never enough black bags, never enough bal bags, never enough black ,bal bags.:smile:
  9. totally agree!!! i'm actually adding a BLACK first to my want list!!! :amuse: so keep them both for sure!!! :amuse:

  10. i totally agree with you chaus :P
  11. I looove black Bbags!! Black really goes with the motorcycle style, I think. And having two bags in two styles is just perfect IMO, I think I might get myself another black bag!
  12. Black in First and City sizes are definitely a MUST HAVE in your collection!
  13. I agree, you can never have too many black bags:yes: I'd recommend you keep it if you love it and wait till another love comes by (eggplant city did u say?), then maybe consider selling it.:biggrin:
    BTW, you look gorgeous sweetsparkle and your dog is a cutie :heart:
  14. I go back and forth on this myself. I currently have a black Purse and a Black Work and even though (well, before the b'bag anyway) most of my handbags have been black, somehow, having hoth of these seems like too much. But every time I think about selling my Purse, I end up keeping it. The Work is my only really large bag, so it's a keeper.
  15. you can never have too many black bags. it's the most versatile colour, and unlike white, it doesn't get dirty that fast. :yes: