Opinions on BE-D Bag?

  1. :heart: I just ordered this from NM last call. They had two left in Brandy like this one. What do you think?

    Was: $1,180.00
    NOW: $413.00
  2. Its really pretty. I had tried one of these on awhile ago and it was too big for me, but it looks great on other people taller than I am (5'3")

    I also really like that color.
  3. That is so cute!
  4. Any other opinions on this-anybody own one?:s
  5. I have that bag in gold. I just got it from BG like last week. The bag is bigger than I thought it would be. I'm only 5' 4" so the bag is pretty big on me. It's really cute though and fits a ton of stuff! I think I have to break mine in though cause mine isn't as slouchy as it looked in the picture.
  6. Oh yeah, if you search Be&D Crawford on this site, you'll find some more info and pics from people who have them.
  7. Ok, I got this bag today, and while it's a beautiful handbag-it is HUGE!!! So back to Neimans it's going-even if the price was great on it.:wtf: