Opinions on Anne Klein Shoes?

  1. I recently saw a pair of Anne Klein pumps that were very cute and I have been considering buying them. I guess with the price it wouldn't matter so much if they didn't last long, but I was wondering your experiences with them. Do they last or wear well? Are they comfortable? Or are they so low on the shoe food chain that no one buys them? I'd love, love, LOVE a pair of Louboutins, but probably won't be able to afford them for another few years!
  2. I had a pair of Anne Klein pumps that I wore off and on for work, for about a year. They were pretty comfy and didn't fall apart on me. Definitely decent shoes.
  3. I don't see why they wouldn't be a good choice? I have never heard anything bad about them either.
  4. I dont own any Anne Klein shoes, but in general their stuff seems to be of pretty decent quality, so I dont think you should have any issues with their shoes. I have a friend who has quite a few pairs of Anne Klein shoes and I've never heard her complain.
  5. Anne Klein makes great pumps. They are super comfy. I'm going to order the "Cally" pump myself. A couple of my friends have them and rave about them.
  6. The shoes in my avatar below are Anne Klein (wedding shoes and bouquet). Anne Klein has several lines. The AK line is very reasonably priced, and I have owned a pair or two, and they held up well. The Anne Klein line is more expensive, not Manolo expensive, but not cheap either. I like that her dressy shoes are generally not 4-inch heels. The ones in the picture are only two inches. I was fairly comfortable during the wedding :smile:
  7. Why do you care what other ppl buy? If you like them and they dont give you corn, caluses, or blisters; buy them.
  8. Anne Klein is not that low on the food chain. It's not like we're talking about Payless shoes. I have a pair of super cute AK peep-toe green brocade pumps I bought on sale at Macy's and they've held up really well.
  9. I have a couple pairs that have held up very well and are extremely comfortable.
  10. I was more interested if they were a decent investment or if they fell apart too soon after use, not so much interested in how fashionable the brand was! I guess I didn't word it very well. I often see threads here about certain brands being very comfortable or very uncomfortable or holding up well versus falling apart, and was wondering if anyone had experience with Anne Klein shoes. Thanks for the opinions!
  11. I agree with what most say! I have a pair of black leather D'orsay pumps, which I don't wear often, only when I'm wearing a suit, but they were super comfy, even when I was walking around all day, inside and out.

    What I do like to add to all shoes that bother my upper heel where the back of the shoe rubs, is these: http://www.drscholls.com/product.aspx?prodid=93
    They are amazing! You will NOT get a blister and you don't even feel it!
  12. I would say that they are very good quality--having owned several pairs that I usually score for awesome deals at DSW.
  13. Here's a pic of my Anne Klein II shoes! When did I get these? 1995!! At the time they were a little 'out there' for me but now they are a staple in my f/w wardrobe as I wear mostly dark slacks to work. Back in the day they were a big splurge but a reward for myself on surviving foot surgery, physical therapy and a long time on crutches. I did it! :yahoo:

    The style may be a little dated and the trend comes and goes but these shoes work for ME. That's all that matters, LOL. Not bad for 12 yo, eh??
    AK2 shoes.jpg