Opinions on Accessories Please!

  1. I'm having my first ever BBag brain freeze and would love some opinions. I have a Tomato City with GH coming, as well as a LE Magenta, also with GH. I now have to kill a credit note at BalNY and want a mini (coin) purse and a make-up clutch.

    I have narrowed the colours down to: marigold, grape, creme and ocean. Any suggestions on which colour I should do in the mini coin and which in the makeup? I'd like to be able to use the make-up for a clutch as well as a catch-all for my Cities. I'm spending Waaaaaaayyyyyyy too long on this and CANNOT decide. Any help/opinions will be GREATLY appreciated. Many thanks!
  2. Violet makeup and marigold coin purse (or vice versa). Both colors would look great with red and magenta.
  3. Thank you so much Circoit....great colour combo(s)....wonder which I'd get more use out of as a clutch? :shrugs: I'm pretty boring clothes-wise...a lot of black for work and chinos and jeans and t-shirts, etc. otherwise. The marigold might be a better clutch just colour-pop wise???
  4. Vert Gazon!!! :jammin:
  5. It IS a stunning green, adore, but try as I have, I just can't do the green thing....regardless of how gorgeous it is. But thank you...you actually made me go back and look again! :yes:
  6. Marigold/Jaune for the Make-up and Violet/Grape for the Mini..

    I have the Violet city coming - and would die for Marigold accessories, but my retailer haven't ordered any :nuts: I'm so sad..:crybaby:

  7. YeP!!! That is going to be a to-die-for combination. I have the exact same order in :nuts:
  8. Okay Cicoit, Lena and MissM...that's what just went in...Marigold Makeup and Violet Coin...now let's see if they'll take the order iof if I'm too far down the line....:sweatdrop: (definitely need to stop thinking about this stuff...) Many thanks for your suggestions!
  9. ocean makeup and marigold coin ... that way your clutch will be a blue color which is very versitle :smile: think jeans!
  10. Agree!:yes:
  11. Can anyone tell me please how much the makeupclutch costs????????????????
    Thanx FX:heart:
  12. The make-up clutch is $495.00 U.S. (unless they decide to bump the prices for the F/W collection!!! :wtf:
  13. i hope they don't raise the price!! it's crazy how "cheap" the accessories seem compared to the bags - it's how much i used to pay for a purse! pre b-bag, that is :p
  14. I know...how sick is this....I was looking at a Coach I carry quite a bit (I know, I know, blasphemous!!), wondering whether or not I might sell it to help underwrite a new Bal accessory or two. Then - AND I ACTUALLY MEANT THIS - I thought, "Oh, not worth the trouble to list it, I'd probably only get around $250.00" WTF??!!?
  15. ^ Hehehe! I know what you mean Maggie. But I've been looking at it similarly but differently- you know those cartoons where the character who is really hungry looks at his friend and sees a ham?, I've been looking at my Coach and other bags and seeing dollar amounts... all which may add up to another B-bag purchase! :p:p I need help