Opinions on Aaneta - Olga Bag

  1. hi guys, i kind of want to buy a good throw around black bag and i came across the Aaneta Olga bag, selling at a good price of $240.

    does any of you own this bag and if yes, does it sling comfortably over the shoulders, since i'm a bit worried about the straps being rounded instead of flat.

    and other opinions on whether this bag looks good or not will be greatly appreciated too!!

    on the other hand, what are some other great throw around black bags, not to exceed $350? i prefer bags that can be carried over my shoulders and/or handheld as a tote.

    thanks in advance~
    jclstyleinc_1937_12106156.jpeg jclstyleinc_1937_12198748.jpeg jclstyleinc_1937_12212940.jpeg
  2. I have two aaneta handbags and i love both of them...def. worth the money. The leather is really nice and I have seen the Olga irl and it was very nice...go for it!:yes:
  3. knics33, thank you for your feedback. can you tell me which models you have? i really like the Hera and the Isabella, although i cannot make out the difference between these 2 bags, lol.
  4. i like the 1st one for $240 that seems ike a good deal

    the 2nd one is obviously copying the style of the botkier bianca sachel which i have and LOVE its a bit over your range but i am not sure i would pay $400 for that Aaneta Joquina when i could pay $600 for the botkier,,,,

    its worth googling see if you like it?

    but i think the 1st one looks like really nice soft leather, it looks big and i like it!
  5. Snowtire- I have the exact bag in your first pic but in the green color "Esmerelda" (it was actually called the Ceres instead of the Olga at Basic Boutique). The green color is darker than I hoped, but I LOVE the leather...very soft & squishy. The shoulder straps are very comfortable (I find I like rounded straps, like on my Bulga and Balenciaga, more than flat actually- they seem to not slide off as easily...hope this helps :smile:
  6. I have two cleopatras...one of them is the medium in nuez (a tan color) and one is the larger size in gray. They are my favorite throw around bags and the leather is wonderful! Aaneta is the best "undiscovered" brand in my opinion- very good quality.
  7. I like the Hera or Isabella...sorry can't see much difference between the 2 either... which means you can't go wrong!
  8. thank you guys. all your inputs are greatly appreciated!

    i think the Olga (or Ceres) and the Hera/Isabella re very different styles and could be used for different occasions, man...bag shopping is horrible (in a very nice way, lol), it's like Wikipedia, one bag leads to another, either via its brand or the website that sells them or my fellow beloved tPFers...haha!
  9. First one seems like it can be used a little dressier, 2nd is definitely more casual.
  10. my colleagues all think the Olga bag looks a little old-ladyish, but i still think it looks like a nice bag to use.

    does anyone find the gold stitching on the Hera/Isabella a bit tacky? lol...is it just me?