Opinions on a suhali belt

  1. I am thinking about getting a suhali belt, maybe in white. Does anyone own one, and how do you like it? I have read some threads about belt sizing, and it appears that LV belts are rather small - would this apply to Suhali belts as well?

    Would be happy for any advice! :flowers:

    (pic from elux)
  2. I think you should get one!!!! It'll be worth every penny. :yes:
  3. ITA
  4. It's a very stylish belt...go for it!
  5. i dunno, but it is a sweet belt!
  6. I have only one LV belt in white MC line and I love it. I love Suhali bag but don't know about belt.
    For me it looks great and classic but a bit normal like another belt.
    he white color is most preferable.