Opinions on a scarf on a bag?

  1. What do you all think of this scarf with this bag?? I love this scarf in particular and this is the purse I want to put one on so...any opinions?? Anything will help! :tup: Thanks everyone!
    103792114_o.jpg 98119_RED_d1.jpg
  2. I think it would look HOT!:tup:
  3. I have that scarf and it is PERFECT for that bag!
  4. love it !
  5. I think it would look GREAT!! :tup:
  6. I agree with everyone else! I have that scarf, it is too cute, and it would look great on that bag!
  7. That would look so adorable on that bag
  8. HOT HOT HOT!!!! :drool: :rochard: :drool:
  9. FANTABULOUS!!! :heart:
  10. Oooooooooooooo ya!! Do it!! :graucho:
  11. That will be totally cute - go for it. I think most of us are big fans of scarves on our bags around here! ;)
  12. That scarf would look fab on that bag.:tup:
  13. thanks for the input everyone! i'll post pictures when i get both :biggrin:
  14. I have that scarf too and it would look awesome on your black legacy bag. Go for it!
  15. oh yeah!