Opinions on a gray bag...

  1. Hello ladies. I'm really in to gray right now. I'm thinking my next bag should be gray (or gray-ish, silver, etc.). Suggestions? I like a practical, tough Chanel because I use my bags a lot and I have a 2 and a 3 year-old. Also, I prefer my hardware to be silver (or gun metal, etc.) Thanks!
  2. no selling here.
  3. You should have a look at the lady braid satchel in dark grey. It's made from distressed calfskin (very durable) and has silver hardware. It's beautiful.:heart:
  4. Another bag come into my mind as well, the Courtney Cox bag. It's dark grey distressed caviar, dark silver h/w, and jumbo flap. I have one and I love it. I think it's selling right now about $2595? Not sure how much it will be by Nov 1.
  5. Someone bought a beautiful gray Classic Flap last year. It's in the reference section in the flap thread.
  6. when you say grey, i think of geminibags' vintage ligne grey tote.... :drool:
  7. I was offered a grey Lady Braid satchel yesterday by my Chanel SA..not my style...but I heard its very pretty IRL.U should go look at the boutique
  8. as mentioned, i believe there are two good options for grey this fall--the lady braid and the modern chain. for a funkier take, there is the dark silver reissue but it does have a rose undertone to it.
  9. Flaps!!! & the chain has to be long enough to wear crossbody. I have a 2-yr old too, so always bending over or running around. It's easier to be handsfree sometimes.
  10. The lady braid grey is amazing!!! Wish I had the extra cash right now to pick one up, but I definately need this month's bill to stay low so my husband doesnt notice...lol hope they last, but my sa told me they only received a few.
  11. ooh i wish there were a pic of the grey LB--I'm dying to see the color!
  12. Me too! I'm dying for that phone call from NM. Any word of when it's coming out for them?
  13. I thought they would be in last week so I am thinking my Neiman's SA did not come through for me....thinking I'll call the chanel boutique or 1-800. did anyone know if the boutiques were buying the new grey n/s lady braid or jsut Neimans?? Anyone got one yet, n/s lady braid in grey?
  14. I remember seeing a post about the navy lady braid satchel and the TPFer stated she had a hard time choosing between the navy and the gray. I believe she bought it at a Chanel boutique so I think the boutiques also ordered gray for the satchels but I'm not sure about the other styles.

    Then, I'm so anxiously waiting for the gray satchel that I called the NM where I'm waitlisted just now and my SA said that they started shipping the lady braid gray satchel in the beginning of August and to give it a few weeks for it to arrive. I hope she doesn't think I'm anal for calling to check up on it...
  15. I saw the gray lady braid yesterday at the Chanel store.