Opinions on a First Kelly

  1. DH calls me "obsessed" with thinking about my first Hermes bag. Of course it drives him crazy that I keep changing my mind every few days!

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    32cm Black Chevre Sellier PH (should I consider GH?)
    32cm Black Box (PH/GH?, sellier/retourne?)
    32cm Gold Togo Retourne GH (or Potiron?)
    32cm Braise Croc :graucho:Sellier GH (or 28cm b/c so loud?)

    This would be an everyday bag me since it's so expensive!

    I can't decide if I should get a "safe" choice or the one that I would love to look at.

    Maybe someone could help me make up my mind!

  2. If it is going to be an everyday bag, I would get something in chevre, or togo! Croc and box are more delicate leathers so I would choose those for more occasional bags. Now as far as color is concerned- black chevre or gold togo are gorgeous! But, as someone here keeps telling me, why not go for color? Whatever you choose, go for the one that makes your heart skip a beat!
  3. I second Jag!:yes:
  4. Well, let's leave out the Braise Croc as an every day bag. And let's leave out the (Gasp!!!!! ...i know........) Box calf too (not as worry-free as these others).

    I'd say do either the Gold Togo or the Black Chevre....which ever one you fall in love with. Either one will make a wonderful "first" Kelly!!!!!
  5. ...and if it were me, I'd personally choose the Black Chevre. Wonderful day to night bag and more difficult to come by than the Gold Togo.
  6. depends what you spend every day doing. lol
    for me, an every day kelly would be black retourne togo with gh. or chevre.
  7. Hi, Kim. For the last 6 months (maybe even longer), I was right there where you are--trying to decide what should be my first Kelly. I really thought it was going to be black box, the true classic, but eventually decided on black chevre. In case you missed it, here's my thread from last week where I introduced it to the forum.


    This is to pretty much be my everyday bag for work (I work long hours in a very formal, conservative setting) and for not black tie evening functions when I need it. For me, I thought the gold hardware made it dressier but the chevre helps make it modern.

    But everyone is right--go with what ends up making your heart sing!
  8. And many times, Kim, the "safe" choice is also the one you love to look at too.........

    (MAGGIE......that bag is just so, so stunning.....)
  9. Thanks everyone for your input. MaggieD, I love your black chevre (and that thread was hilarious). How did you decide GH instead of PH like Fopduck's?

    If I get the black chevre, maybe I won't be able to get the classic black box later.

    And I know that gold togo matches just about everything and is all-year round but I'm not much of a brown bag girl. Maybe I should consider potiron? GH? PH? I wear mostly white gold.

    Hmmm, well, everyday for me is taking care of my one-year old at home. But I do like to look nice when I leave the house!
  10. I second HiHeels' suggestion!!
  11. Gold Togo is really beautiful and versatile, and so is black chevre... Such hard choices.
    Whether gold Togo would be more useful than black chevre depends on where you live and what you usually wear. If you have your heart set on a black box Kelly eventually, then I think gold Togo makes sense for today.
  12. Well, how about potiron in togo or chevre. If chevre, I think the bag would be sellier since I've never seen a chevre retourne.

    Which is more versatile, gold or potiron?
  13. Ok, I just reviewed an old thread that taked about potiron not working so well with black outfits. Ok, I guess it's gold togo!

    Thanks everyone!
  14. kim_mac, I'm currently going through the same decision process as you, contemplating my first kelly.

    I love boxcalf, but like you, am wary of its care/maintenance, but I do prefer the smoother leathers for the kelly. Have you considered black swift? There was a recent thread discussing swift leather and its easy maintenance. I haven't seen swift in person...but from photos, it looks to have a less pronounced texture than chevre? (Experts, please correct me if I'm wrong)

    As for gold or potiron, I think both colors would be equally stunning if that color family goes with your coloring. I'm partial to black as I think it goes better from day-night.
  15. Potiron Togo with PH, then get Black Box with GH!