Opinions on a cute summer tote

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  1. I'm considering the butterfly tote and the graffiti tote. Which do you think would hold up better? I'm wondering whether the white canvas of the butterfly tote would get dirty easily. Anyone have these bags and can give me an opinion? Thanks!
  2. I'm so in love with the butterfly tote. I want it so badly for summer, but I'm afraid the white canvas might get dirty. I haven't seen it in person yet, though. I'm curious to hear what others think of it.
  3. I have the grafiti tote, i would say its more durable because its not canvas like the butterfly tote. But maybe something else will come out that you will like better for summer, we have like 5 months lol
  4. I am in love w/ the butterfly tote but I'm not sure if you would wanna use it as an everyday tote - especially if you were jeans often b/c the there can be denim color transfer onto the white canvas. This can happen w/ any canvas material.

    Definitely gotta have a Poppy Tote for Summer though :smile:

  5. Ohhh thanks. I hadn't even thought about the denim transfer. Yes I definitely want a Poppy tote for summer. And my 21st birthday is in two weeks so I'm trying to decide what I want now. :yahoo:
  6. When is your bday??? mine is the 25th!!!

    And no prob w/ the lil' comment
  7. Grafitti tote, its so cute!
  8. Graffiti tote has so much detail I just love it... The Butterfly one is really beautiful but it does not have any detail on the back and some of the matterial on the Butterfly is delicate..
  9. My birthday is the 22nd. :biggrin:

    And I'm still unsure as to which one I should get. Thanks for all your comments. I love the butterfly tote and think it's really beautiful but the graffiti tote seems like it would be more durable and better for every day use.
  10. I have the butterfly tote and I agree that it's not an "everyday" bag, unless you are extremely careful. I don't carry mine everyday, but I do get lots of compliments when I have it with me! :okay: