Opinions on a Coach mini skinny

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted some opinions on the Coach Hampton Signature Mini Skinny. I haven't seen it in real life so I was wondering if the keychain can handle 3 or 4 keys, or is it designed for just a single key?
  2. The keychain on the mini skinny is the same size as any regular keychain, unless there's different sizes for keycahins. I only know of one size. :hrmm: It seems like it can fit more than one key to me though. :smile:
  3. It can fit more than one key, but, I wouldn't really go past 2 or 3. I stuff mine full of CC's and bills, and, it can hold quite a lot...I can take pics for you if you'd like :smile:
  4. Sure I would love pictures. The coach store is so far from where I live, I have to make a special trip to go there. So it's easier if I do some research before I go there. thanks.
  5. Definately can be used for multiple keys. I love mine!
  6. Ok, here are the pics as promised! I took the first couple w/ just 2 keys (house) and a bunch of CC's:



    and then I added a bunch of bills:




    It's not that much fatter with the keys, it's like carying some loose change in there. They don't take up that much room (a lot less than I thought really! lol)

    Hope I helped!!
  7. ohh I love the orange it stands out!
  8. aww thank you :smile: I :heart: the orange, it's great for summer! I was at an outlet in NY last summer and was picking up a wrsitlett I needed at the last min. and I stumbled upon the orange mini skinny and have been in love with it ever since! :love: